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Ningbo Weather in October

October is cooler and sunny . The average temperature is 18.6 °C (64.4 °F ) and the highest temperature is 27.2 °C (80.9 °F ). Precipitation for the month is about 19 mm.

October is a perfect time for traveling in Ningbo. You can wear beautiful dresses with a hat or a long-sleeve shirt with jeans. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended. And, bring a knit sweater in case the temperature decreases.

The China Cixiao Festival (meaning kindness and piety) is held in the middle of the month in the Jiangbei District of Ningbo. Many old volunteers get together during the festival and hold social benefit activities. Because of the golden week holiday for National Day, Ningbo is crowded this month, so book your hotel room in advance.

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