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Ningbo Weather in September

The weather begins to cool down in September, but it is still hot . Temperatures fluctuate between 21 °C (69.8 °F ) and 28 °C (82.4 °F ). The highest temperature reaches 30 °C (86 °F ), but differences in temperatures during the day are significant, as it is cool in the early morning and the evening .

Wearing a T-shirt with shorts is fine, but you'd be better off with a shirt and jeans or other trousers in the early morning and evening. It still rains a lot this month, so bring your umbrella. And, remember your sunscreen .

The China Xiangshan Fishing Festival is held in Xiangshan of Ningbo during the month. Related activities include the opening fishing ceremony, the offering the sea ceremony, a fireworks performance, and a large-scale gala performance, among other activities. Since we are still in the busy travel season, book your hotel and travel tickets in advance.

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