Qingdao Muslim Restaurants

Qingdao Muslim Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Shinan District

Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant

The restaurant has established its own production and processing bases for beef and mutton, strictly according to the Islamic food culture. While keeping the national tradition, the enterprise keeps improving all the time. It gets rid of the stale and brings forth the fresh, making its beef, mutton and seafood with “spicy, fresh and fragrant” flavors.

The restaurant has three main characteristics: the restaurant is very popular and the dishes there are nutritious (there is nourishing Chinese herbal medicine such as mountain ginseng and medlar in every hot pot, and the soup is all soup-stock), as well as affordable, so ordering in advance is advisable; the hot pot there characterizes the restaurant the most; the environment there may not be as good as you think as it is a bit crowded, and the distance between two tables may be a little small.

Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant Taidong Balu Branch(清真马家火锅美食城 (台东八路店)

Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant Zhenjiang Beilu Branch(清真马家火锅美食城镇江北路店)

Kaifa District

1. Dongbula Restaurant

The restaurant is a Xinjiang-style restaurant, characteristic of steamed buns and mutton shashlik. The roast steamed buns are extremely popular, and the mutton shashlik is authentic, but the daily supply of both types of food is limited, so ordering in advance is suggested. Another famous dish there is the big plate chicken and, if it is eaten with the leaf noodles, it will taste even more delicious. But the cooking process of the big plate chicken is somewhat time-consuming, so a short waiting time may be needed. It is a bit crowded and noisy due to the hot business and sometimes, if you get there a little late, you may need to wait.

2. Niu Dawan Qinzhen Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves cooked wheaten food, with spinach noodles as its signature dish, which is said to be self-created. Besides, there are many snacks such as mutton shashlik, dry mixing, roast fish and roast beef.

The fitments there are simple but the environment is elegant and the private rooms are spacious, making it desirable for people to visit. In addition, the restaurant adopts the semi-buffet method with a fast serving speed, although some other aspects of the service still need to be improved. As the saying goes, “Good wine needs no bush.” The restaurant may be not as big and luxurious as you think and is even a bit difficult for one to find, but it’s really popular.

Shibei District

Yidexvan Ningxia Yipin Mutton Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves food made from mutton, such as mutton soup, boiled mutton, and mutton shashlik. In Yanchi, Ningxia, there is a vast expanse of pollution-free prairie, so the sheep there are extremely healthy.

The boss is from Yanchi, and all the mutton and most of the auxiliary ingredients are from there. The mutton is selected from the lambs, the taste being fresh and tender but not greasy. In addition, you can enjoy the handwriting of Yang Dejun, a Chinese master of painting and calligraphy. The restaurant is decorated with all kinds of Ningxia-style things.

Sifang District

Xinjiang Dapanji Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves authentic big plate chicken, which is pretty delicious and rather spicy. And a plate of the big plate chicken can be shared by three people. The restaurant is small, but the business is roaring. The environment there is not very decent, the tables and chairs being a bit old. One thing that is true is that the food there is of a sufficient quantity as well as being reasonable in price.

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