Qingdao Vegetarian Restaurants

Qingdao Vegetarian Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Shinan District

1. Tian Hua Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves Taiwanese-style vegetarian food, the raw materials of which are mostly selected from the semi-finished products from Taiwan. And famous cooks from Taiwan have given much guidance there and have even been the chefs involved in the cooking process. More and more consumers have been attracted to the restaurant. It is enjoyable to taste tea and chat there.

2. Qing Xin Lian Vegetarian Tea House

The restaurant mainly serves vegetarian food as well as scented tea, advocating the natural concept of this diet. The food there is cooked with only a little oil, a little salt, without any scallion, garlic, onion, or gourmet powder. The restaurant tries its best to maintain the original taste and true qualities of the food. In addition, it is near a seaside scenic spot; though adjacent to the commercial strip, the restaurant enjoys a tranquil environment. And the traffic there is convenient. The fitments inside and outside the restaurant have combined the styles of both Buddhism and modernism together, making it look more like a palace of art than a restaurant.

3. Tian Yi Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves vegetarian dishes made from soybean protein, farina, konjak and various other vegetables. All of the food there is suitable for vegetarians, but you won’t find any ginger or garlic there! Sometimes you may find Buddhist abbots from a nearby temple doing the cooking there. The fitments are of primitive simplicity while the music, the calligraphy and paintings on the walls, and even the droplights on the ceiling embody a charm of Buddhism. On many occasions you will be able to meet masters of Buddhism there; they are from all over the country. Besides, the serving speed is very fast there!

Huangdao District

Xiang Guang Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

All of the food served in the restaurant is vegetarian, and it is definitely affordable. Meanwhile, you can read books related to Buddhism there for free. One philosophy held by the restaurant is that “Animals are our friends, so we should pay close attention to them and the human beauty embodied by them”.

Kaifa District

Quan Fu Zhai Restaurant

All of the dishes served in the restaurant are pure vegetarian dishes. The restaurant pays special attention to the preservation of people’s health, and adheres to environmentally friendly and low carbon cooking methods. In this way, the restaurant intends to enable the consumer to have a delicious as well as a healthy diet. A vegetarian diet has become a symbol of fashion, and having vegetarian meals has become a healthy, elegant and harmonious lifestyle. The pure vegetarian dishes and marvelous delicacy of the food make it an ideal place for vegetarians.

P. S. : Din Tai Fung, a restaurant that is famous both at home and abroad, offers vegetarians exceptional and delicious dumplings, which will make you unable to stop eating even though you want to. It’s no doubt a gospel message for people who love vegetarian food as well as dumplings. The introduction is as follows:

Din Tai Fung Restaurant

Din Tai Fung, a large pastry chain originating from Taiwan, was once ranked as one of the world’s top ten restaurants by the New York Times and is famous for its soup dumplings; both the wrapper’s size and the stuffing’s weight of which are strictly stipulated. The size of a soup dumpling may be small, but every one is pretty tasty. The restaurant also serves many kinds of seasonal vegetables, such as fried bean seedlings which taste extremely refreshing. The restaurant is very well maintained and clean which adds additional confidence towards the preparation of the food.

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