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Qingdao Shopping

Qingdao gathers a variety of commercial products, ranging from the famous Laoshan mineral water to its shell carvings. The main shopping and commercial streets runs along Zhongshan Road.

The various styles of clothing stores are located in the Longshan Underground Market (Long Shan Da Xia Shang Ye Jie) below Xinhaoshan Park. They are your best places to shop for clothes.

Tea is also a popular shopping item in Qingdao, especially the Taoist Laoshan Variety, which is presumed to be flourishing on the natural spring waters of that holy mountain.

Besides, Qingdao is a seaside city, so marine products are featured, such as seashell carvings and seafood products. At the same time, the variety of Korean products from the stores around the city will absolutely offer tourists a chance to get a Korean experience in Qingdao.



Qingdao embraces the ocean from its three sides, thus making it one of the major production areas of seafood products in China. Tourists who want to taste some fresh seafood can go to Nanshan Seafood Market, which can be reached by taking bus No. 30.

Laoshan Green Tea

Laoshan tea enjoys a very renown fame among all the green tea in China, and has been reputed as “the Best Tea in North China”. Laoshan tea is fragrant to taste and good to people’s health.

Shell Carvings

Qingdao is a paradise for shopping souvenirs for shell carvings. Nowadays, shell carvings are made into tapestries, home decorations and many other handicrafts.

Popular shopping Destinations

  • Qingdao Shell Sculpture Factory
    Location: 206, Yan'an Third Road, Qingdao
  • Longshan Underground Commercial Street
    Location: 14, Longshan Road, Qingdao