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Qinghai Transportation

Located in Northwest China, Qinghai is the fourth largest province in China, covering an area of 720,000 square kilometers (about 278,000 square miles). Highway is the main mean of transportation in Qinghai, comparing with railway and airway.


There are two airports in Qinghai Province: Xi'ning Caojiabao Airport and Golmud Airport. In the Xi'ning Caojiabao Airport, there are direct flights to Beijing and Xi’an every day, while flights to Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Urumqi and Golmud are not available every day; hence passengers need to consult the airport in advance. 


There are two railways running through Qinghai Province: Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Lanzhou- Qinghai Railway. Together with other branch lines, Qinghai is covered with advanced network of railway. Check the detailed transportation information in Xi'ning and Golmud


As the main mean of transportation in Qinghai Province, there are coaches departing to cities within the province and other cities and provinces. Tourists can check the detailed information about the bus schedule and catch the buses in the bus stations in cities and counties like Xi'ning and Golmud.