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Beidaihe Scenic Area

Beidaihe Area is located in the southwest of Qinhuang City. It enjoys picturesque scenery. In the west of the scenic area, Lianfeng Mountain is standing gracefully. When spring and autumn come, the mountain is painted green, covered by lush plants and colorful flowers. It has abundant cultural relics and historic sites with pavilions and cottages of different styles standing among them.

In the south, it is a lengthy coast line with gradual slope. It has soft sand and clean water of moderate salinity, and thus is a good choice for sea bath, sand bath as well as sun bath. In the east, it is Geziwo Park, where you can enjoy the breathtaking sights of sunrise and tide.

BeidaiheBeidaihe Scenic Area
It is such a great thing in life to bathe in the sea, enjoy the coolness or even have a sun bath with the body buried in sand. In the Beidaihe, you can play the beach volleyball, play with sand, ride along the sea with a rented bike, play on a swing on the beach or drive a motor boat.

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