Sanya Restaurants

Sanya Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated May. 17, 2021

Hainan Guan Cai

The restaurant mainly serves Hainan style dishes. The signature dish of Hainan Guan Cai is “tanhuo jiaji duck” (炭火加积鸭, one of the most famous dished in Hainan Province, and it is said that the duck is stewed in the soup for 8 hours). Other highly recommended dishes are stir-fired winged beans with XO sauce (XO四角豆), rice cooked in coconut (椰子饭), wenchang chicken (文昌鸡) and Wuzhi Mount boar meat (五指山野猪).

China Harvest

The decoration in China Harvest is in typical classical Chinese style. The restaurant mainly serves Guangdong dishes, such as stir-fried winged beans (四角豆), roast Dongshan mutton (香烧东山羊), Wenchang chicken (文昌鸡), rice soaked with seafood soup (海鲜泡饭), fried eggplant stuffed with pork (奇酱烧酿茄子) and fried rice with seafood (海鲜炒饭).


The restaurant mainly serves Guangdong style dishes (Yue cuisine, 粤菜). Most customers having been there think the dishes and the services in Pearl restaurant are wothy of the high price. Hainan chicken (海南鸡, boiled chicken served with sauce) should be the signature dish of Pearl.

Caidie Pavilion

Most dishes served in Caidie Pavilion are Guangdong style dishes, such as rice soaked with seafood soup (海鲜泡饭), crispy durian cake (榴莲酥), shrimp dumplings (虾饺) and young pigeon (乳鸽).


Junyou Seafood

There are plenty of seafood restaurant in Seafood Sqaure, Youyi Community. Junyou Seafood restaurant should be the most famous one. The environment is not excellent; however, it does not reduce customers’ feeling for the prosperity of the restaurant. Stir-fried winged beans (四角豆), crispy squid with spicy salt (椒盐鱿鱼), crispy mantis shrimp with spicy salt (椒盐皮皮虾), scallops (扇贝or 带子), Hele crab (和乐蟹) and stir-fried mango sea snails (芒果螺).

Congrun Seafood Qidian Restaurant

It is a famous seafood restaurant only ranking after Junyou Seafood restaurant. Mango sea snails (芒果螺), winged beans (四角豆), hele crab (和乐蟹), scallops (扇贝or 带子) and steamed sea bass (清蒸石斑鱼) are recommended by customers having been there.

Thai Restaurant In Mangrove Tree Resort Hotel

Thai Restaurant in Mangrove Tree Resort Hotel
It can be the hottest restaurant in Sanya. With Southeast Asian style decoration and seascape outside the window, the restaurant provides diners excellent environment. Recommended dishes are curry hele crab (咖喱和乐蟹), dongyin gong soup (冬阴功汤, vinegar-pepper shrimp soup, the “national soup” of Thailand), Thai “rubine” (泰国红宝石, a kind of Thai sweetmeats served in coconut juice), stir-fried rice with pineapple (菠萝炒饭) and curry sirloin (咖喱牛腩).

Xiangliao Garden

The restaurant mainly serves Southeast Asian style dishes and some Japanese cuisine. Recommended dishes are dongyin gong soup (冬阴功汤, vinegar-pepper shrimp soup, the “national soup” of Thailand), noodles cooked with curry and coconut juice (咖喱椰浆面), Thai style fried noodles with seafood and dried fruit (泰式海鲜干果炒面) and green curry chicken (青咖喱鸡).

Pattaya Thai Restaurant

It is a restaurant mainly serves Thai style food, such as fried rice with pineapple (菠萝饭), chicken soup cooked with coconut juice (椰汁鸡汤), tenderloin cooked with mangos (芒果牛柳), dongyin gong soup (冬阴功汤, vinegar-pepper shrimp soup, the “national soup” of Thailand) and curry beef (咖喱牛肉). Open-air seats and performances are available there.

Fresh 8

It is a buffet dinner serves both western food and Chinese food. Nice environment brings customers more comfort. The fresh fruit juice (鲜榨果汁), sushi and chicken claws are  highly recommended by customers having been there.

Casa Mia Italian Resto

The shopkeeper is an Italian man. Pizza, filet steak, mushroom pasta, roast fish on the iron plate (铁板烤鱼) are all recommended by customers having been there. The environment is really nice.

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