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Sanya Weather in March

Things to do in SanyaStrolling along the shoreline with your loved ones in Sanya

March is almost the most comfortable time for you to travel in Sanya. The average temperature is about 20 °C (68 °F). You can enjoy the sunny and mild weather, and the moderate humidity and the temperature does not fluctuate much throughout the day and night.

Shorts are good to wear this month, and wear a light overcoat outside since it will be cooler in the early morning and evening.

You can go to the beach to bathe in the sunshine and swim in the sea. On the third day of March is a traditional festival of the Miao nationality. A great number of special activities such as national sports competitions, cattle races, shooting competitions, and others are held, and are interesting to attend. Also, book your hotel rooms and plane/train tickets early. 

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