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See Hangzhou/Yiwu from Shanghai by Bullet Train

See Hangzhou/Yiwu from Shanghai by Bullet Train

Written by GavinUpdated Nov. 20, 2023
Shanghai to Hangzhou G TrainShanghai to Hangzhou G Train

It is now possible to do quick side trips on the G class trains to Hangzhou and/or Yiwu from Shanghai. So for people touring or doing business in Shanghai, they can also take a quick business or wholesale shopping trip to Yiwu and a trip to Hangzhou for natural scenery and recreation. Here is how to go on a short trip to Yiwu and/or Hangzhou from Shanghai.

Why Go to Hangzhou

Hangzhou is known for recreation, biking, scenic walks, and nature at West Lake and fine dining. Hangzhou is attracting a lot more foreign attention recently, and it has long been an attraction for Chinese for the beautiful landscape and clean environment. Shanghai people especially enjoy a vacation or weekend as a break from hectic Shanghai. For a break or treat during your Shanghai trip, you might want to go there.

Read about How to Plan a Tour of Hangzhou.

Why Go to Yiwu

Yiwu International Trade CityYiwu International Trade City Section 1

Yiwu has become the great place to shop for low prices in China. You can generally get the best low wholesale prices for regular consumer products in Yiwu. It is so popular now that about 300,000 foreigners go there to shop or business each year. For most foreign travelers, Yiwu is more for interest or business ("window shopping") than for purchasing bargains since you can't carry much with you.

For those wanting to source for quantities of products that you can export, Yiwu is called the best place in China. Now that Shanghai is easy to reach from Shanghai because new fast G bullet train service started in late 2014, tourists and visitors in Shanghai can take the opportunity to go to Yiwu on a short trip to seek out the business potential of their ideas.

Shopping in YiwuTens of thousands of foreigners come every month to shop at tens of thousands of shops and booths conveniently centralized in three huge established markets

Prices and selection are better than in Guangzhou. This is partly because tens of thousands of factories and manufacturing shops are located closely around the city.

It is a great place for people to source for wholesale consumer products ranging from mats to hats to bats to electronics products to be exported. It is also a good place to arrange with manufacturers to produce a certain kind or style of product for sale.

Why Not to Go to Yiwu: Though there are millions of products sold at low prices, Yiwu isn't for everyone. It isn't convenient for most people who just want to do personal shopping. Think about it: is what you will save shopping in Yiwu worth the time and transport costs? If you are buying small quantities of things to take home from your trip, it is probably best just to shop in Shanghai.

  • Luxury goods? Yiwu is not the place to go for luxury shopping either. Hong Kong or Shanghai are the best places for buying luxury products.

How To Get to Hangzhou/Yiwu from Shanghai

Go to Hongqiao Station

You can take Line 2 or Line 10 to the station. Line 2 is especially convenient for tourists and business people because it extends from the Hongqiao International Airport to the Pudong Central Business District (CBD). It is the fastest way to get there.

Ride the G Train

Hangzhou East StationHangzhou East Station waiting area

These very fast trains now make quick trips to Yiwu and Hangzhou from Shanghai reasonable and inexpensive. G trains to Yiwu started operating in late 2014, and G trains to Hangzhou started operating in 2010. The trains can travel about 300 kph.

Getting on a G train is much like riding a subway since the trains leave often and on schedule. Once you get a ticket, wait for the next train in the train waiting area. If you miss a train, you can board the next one.

Hangzhou trains: Get a ticket to the Hangzhou East Station (杭州东站). There are far more G trains to Hangzhou than there are to Yiwu. There are a whopping 87 or so trains departing from Hongqiao Station each day. The G trains travel to Hangzhou in about 60 minutes. They leave approximately every 10 to 15 minutes during the day, but at peak travel periods, they leave about every 7 minutes.

The first train leaves at 6:19 am, and the last leaves at 9:30 pm. Business class tickets cost 35 USD, and 2nd class tickets cost 12 USD. Interspersed with the G trains, there are many less expensive D bullet trains that actually travel there a little faster. They arrive in about 58 minutes. They also leave from Hongqiao and arrive in Hangzhou East Station.

Yiwu trains: Get a ticket to the Yiwu Station (义乌站) that is about 10 kilometers from downtown where the big markets are. About 27 G trains leave Hongqiao Station in Shanghai every day, and they reach Yiwu Station in about 100 minutes. They leave about every 30 minutes during the day.

The first G train departs at 6:30 am, and the last leaves about 6:30 pm. Business class G tickets cost about 60 USD (2015), and 2nd class tickets for comfortable seats cost about 20 USD. If you miss the last G train, there are plenty of other slower trains. There are no D type bullet trains on this line anymore.

Going for a Visit to Hangzhou From Yiwu

Train from Yiwu to Hangzhou:

Bullet trains: There are both G trains and slower D trains. The fastest way is G train. The G trains take about 38 minutes to reach Hangzhou, and 2nd class tickets cost 8 USD.

Nearby Tourist Destinations

Impression West LakeSee the unique Lake-stage show Impression West Lake.

Ten Beautiful Spots around West Lake in Hangzhou: See what you can see around West Lake.

Nature at the Yellow Mountains: You can take a break from both shopping and the city scene at one of China's most popular nature/hiking parks. It is five hours away from Hangzhou by road, and it is five and a half hours away from Yiwu by road. We can provide a private vehicle and driver.

Recommended Yiwu/Hangzhou Tour Packages

Our Shanghai Watertown Tour takes you to visit the most unique water town – Nanxun Ancient Watertown, – and the essence of Shanghai (a vigorous modern city mixing East and West) and Hangzhou (a city of culture).

West lakeWest Lake

Yiwu Shopping Tour: You could also create your own shopping trip and visit the markets you want on the dates you specify.

Tell us how we can help, and we'll also arrange accommodations, tours, and meals if needed. Our interpreters can assist you during your Shanghai, Hangzhou or Yiwu trip.

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