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Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Written by Candice SongUpdated Feb. 1, 2021

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is an important science education and leisure tourism base. It is located in Huamu Administrative and Cultural Center, west of Century Square and close to Century Park. It covers an area of 68,000 square meters, and has a floor space of 98,000 square meters.

It is composed of five main exhibition halls, including the Heaven and Earth Hall, the Life Hall, the Wisdom Hall, the Creation Hall and the Future Hall, as well as some temporary halls.

At present, there are 11 exhibition areas open to the public, including:

Wide Spectrum of Life

Shanghai Science and Technology MuseumDifferent kinds of birds in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

The Wide Spectrum of Life exhibition area imitates the natural scenery of Yunnan Province in China, and displays the biodiversity. You can fully appreciate the rich and colorful life phenomena and the interdependence between species and ecology, and understand the importance of protecting the natural environment.

Earth's Crust Exploration

The Earth's Crust Exploration exhibition area shows that our earth is a "dynamic structure" which is in motion at all times and has its own development and evolutionary law through comprehensive means, such as scene simulations, interactive items and exhibits, specimens, videos and films, and multi-media.

This area mainly introduces the earth's location and state of motion in the universe, the earth's matter composition, structure, surface morphology feature, and Shanghai's physical geography.

Cradle of Designers

The theme of the Cradle of Designers exhibition hall is computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). Its exhibition area is 800 square meters.

Visitors can personally take part in some simple design and manufacturing activities to experience some basic technologies of modern design and advanced manufacturing, including CAD/CAM, laser recording, rapid prototyping, and so on.

Children's Technoland

Shanghai Science and Technology MuseumChildren can experience the fun of science

This area gives children a chance to experience the fun of science.

Light of Wisdom

With a large number of interactive exhibits as the main exhibition method, the Light of Wisdom exhibition hall demonstrates the typical phenomena of physics, mathematics, chemistryand biography.

It reveals their basic rules and principles, cultivates the hands-on ability of visitors, and helps them to understand scientific methods,thoughts and scientists' tireless exploration spirit. Its exhibition area is 1,800 square meters (including the interlayer space).

Home on Earth

With the development of human society, the earth's natural environment has become more and more seriously affected. After entering the industrial revolution, the rapid improvement of productivity and the population explosion have caused a series of ecological and environmental problems.

The Home on Earth exhibition hall advocates the harmony, coexistence and common prosperity between humans and nature through the exhibition of ecological disasters, changes of the Suzou River, and environmental knowledge.

Information Era

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

This shows that information technology leads the great social changes.

Through the exhibition of various physical objects, this exhibition area helps visitors to learn the difference between information technology and traditional technology, to understand the application of information technology in modern life, study and work, and to experience the social characteristics of the information era.

It deepens their understanding of our information-based society, and helps them to integrate into the fast-developing information society.

World of Robots

The World of Robots exhibition area allows visitors to experience the fast development of artificial intelligence application technology and enjoy the fun brought by robots in various robot-related activities.

Light of Exploration

The Light of Exploration exhibition area is a place that shows how humans reveal the mystery of matter and life. Important scientific and technical achievements in the 20th century are exhibited there, including quantum theory, relativity theory, the structure of matter, gene technology, nuclear energy, lasers, and so on.

Humans and Health

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum You can explore the secret of the human body here

The Humans and Health exhibition area explores the secrets of the human body, and spreads health philosophies.

Space Navigation

The Space Navigation exhibition area consists of a space knowledge area, a space training experience area, a space achievement exhibition area, and a space theater.

Its purpose is to assist visitors to learn and understand the process of realizing the stream of flying into space by humans in various experimental activities.

Opening hours:Tuesdays-Sundays09:00-17:15; legal holidays 08:45-18:30.

Transportation Guide:

Metro: Metro Line 2: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station

Metro Line 4, Metro Line 6and Metro Line 9: change to Metro Line 2 at the Century Avenue Station

Bus Routes: Bus 184, 640, 794, 983, 984, 987, 1023, 640 inter-zonal bus, Dongzhou Line, Pudong bus 21 (previouslyTunnel Line 3), Shenchong Line 2, Shenchong Line 4and Huamu bus 1 will take you there.

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