Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Zoo has more than 6,000 wild animals of more than 620 rare species. Among them, there are Chinese representative animals including panda, golden monkey, blossom peacock and South China tiger. Chinese animals are not lonely, and they have some international neighbours, African chimpanzee, giraffe, Australian kangaroo and North Pole penguin. With so various species, they are waiting to amaze visitors. Except for animals, 100,000 trees of about 600 types are planted in the zoo. A lawn with an area of 100,000 square meters makes a wide and comfortable zone for visitors. In the zoo, the environmental landscape is quite a match for the entironment of animals. Beast training show is on at regular intervals. Abundant tourist and entertainment facilities are available for the visitors to amuse themselves in the zoo. 

Shanghai Zoo-travel

Feature: It is a comprehensive park combining zoo, landscape gardens and recreation activities as one.

Opening Time:

  • November to February: 7:00 ~ 17:00 
  • March to October : 7:00 ~ 17:30 
  • April to September: 6:30 ~ 17:30
  • Address: It is located at Hongqiao Road NO. 2381, Changning Area of Shanghai, close to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

    Bus: NO. 57、48、91、519、709、739、748、806、807、809、911、925、936、938、941、945、Tourist Line NO.4

    Please click the picture below to see our Giant Pandas Special Report.

    Giant Panda Special Report