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Shanghai Travel Tips & Articles

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Feb. 22, 2022
The Top 8 Festivals in Shanghai

We recommend that you include at least one of these festivals in your Shanghai itinerary. This page will help you choose and match your dates as appropriate.

Shanghai Jetlag Activities — Adjustment Tips, Easy Outings

Here is what you need to know about adjusting to Shanghai time as painlessly as possible, and Shanghai activities suitable for those suffering from jetlag.

Top 6 Lavender Gardens around Shanghai

The article introduce the three best places to see lavender around Shanghai, including Shanghai Ancol Dreamland Herb Farm, Chongming Island Zihailuyuan Romantic Garden and more.

How to Make the Most of Your 144-Hour Visa-Free Stay in Shanghai

Want to visit Shanghai without a visa? Here is an insider's guide to how to make the most of your 144-hour visa-free stay in Shanghai: tips, sample tours, etc.

How to Spend a Night in Shanghai: Top 10 Things to Do

Don't know what to do in Shanghai at night? Here we've listed 10 things you should not miss to experience the colorful nightlife in Shanghai.

10 Things to Know Before You Travel to Shanghai

Want to know how to travel in Shanghai? We've put together a page full of practical travel tips for visitors.

When in Shanghai, Don't...

This article is to set the record straight with respect to Shanghai travel and cultural norms that you should keep in mind.

Popular Ski Sites around Shanghai

A recommendation of the popular ski resorts around Shanghai, including Lin'an Daming Mountain, An'ji Jiangnan Tianchi, and Ningbo Shangliang.

The Best Photography Spots in Shanghai

Most go to the Bund to see the Shanghai skyline. However, there are many other vantage points for grand views and great photos...

Most Popular Restaurants in Shanghai Expats Love to Eat

China Highlights' list of restaurants popular with the Shanghai's expats: we hope these will suit your palate and pocket.

Shanghai Muslim Restaurants

A list of Shanghai Muslim restaurants, which are categorize according different districts. The information including Chinese name, recommended dishes, price, address, and transportation.

Shanghai Tour Planning Articles

Articles on Shanghai tour planning

Best of Shanghai Articles

These articles cover the top activities and sights in Shanghai from various perspectives.

The Top 10 Churches to Attend in Shanghai

There are many churches of various denominations to attend while on a trip to or tour of Shanghai.

See Hangzhou/Yiwu from Shanghai by Bullet Train

You can now take a G-train trip to Hangzhou/Yiwu from Shanghai, for scenery/ shopping. Here is how...

4 Best Places to Escape the Summer Heat in Shanghai

When it gets sweltering and humid in Shanghai, enjoy a nearby cooler locale nearby — islands, mountains, lakes, water parks.

Best Restaurants for Children in Shanghai

The best kids restaurants in Shanghai with locations, cost, restaurant addresses and more.

Shanghai Street Snacks Adventure Tour
  • Tasting the abundant street snacks there
  • Seeing the diverse cooking ways
  • Experiencing Shanghai's special pajamas culture
Top 7 Interesting Things to Do with Your Kids in Shanghai

Want to visit Shanghai with kids in Shanghai? Check here to see our best selected attractions and things to do for children in Shanghai.

Best Places to Make Suits in Shanghai

8 best suite stores are introduced in this article, including their Chinese name, address, opening time, telephone, and transportation.

Top Golf Courses in Shanghai

This article provides some data about golf courses in Shanghai.

Shanghai's Best Western Food Restaurants

A list of Shanghai western restaurants contains Chinese name, average price per person, address, telephone number, opening hours and transportation.

Explore Shanghai's L. E. Hudec's Architecture

L. E. Hudec was an important architect in Shanghai. Follow our Hudecian Itinerary to see his very wide range of buildings.

Enjoying Shanghai's Waterfront

Shanghai has a thriving waterfront complete with riverside walks, docks, riverboat restaurants, towering skylines, and gardens.

The Top 5 Shanghai Bars If You Are on a Budget

Recommended top five cheap Shanghai bars, including Magpie, Mokkos, Captain Bar, Le Cafe Des Stagiares, with address for budget tourists.

Discover Foot Binding in Shanghai — the Culture of 4-Inch Feet

An article about Chinese foot binding culture and history, reasons for foot binding and the three-inch golden lotus culture in Shanghai.

Best Shanghai Art Galleries — Shanghai's Art Escapes

If you love to view the world through brush strokes, sculpted clay and the canny eye of a spectacular photographer, read on...

The Best Places for Brunch in Shanghai

The best brunch menus in Shanghai under 130RMB

The Most Romantic Places in Shanghai

Shanghai offers many romantic places and date activities: beautiful parks, art galleries, restaurants, ice-skating, ballroom dancing...

Shanghai Massage Centers and Spas — Relaxing Recommendations

Recommended massage centers and spas in Shanghai, including the themed spas and specialists like Zen Massage, Taipan Spa, and Skin city 5.5.

Shanghai's Top Cultural Performances

Shanghai Cultural Performances include puppet and shadow theater productions, orchestral music, acrobatics, and kung fu.

Locally Grown Coffee: Where to Try and Buy in Shanghai

A brief lowdown on coffee in China and where to try and buy the best coffee in Shanghai.

Shanghai's Live Music Scene

From crooners to rockers, Shanghai's live music scene covers a broad range of genres and venues and is well worth a little exploring.

Unusual Things to See in Shanghai

Keep a look out for interesting things that you may see in Shanghai, like sidewalk barbers, pulled noodles, and dancing in the parks.

Sundowners in Shanghai

There are many high-end bars to watch the sunset with a drink, but the best views are often in 5-star hotels.

The Shanghai Marriage Market – An engrossing experience!

In People's Park desperate parents and grandparents are milling about, looking for a mate for their unmarried offspring.

Top Water Parks in Shanghai

Information about the top 3 Water Parks in Shanghai, including Maya Beach, Dino Beach, Dakang water parks with Address, opening hours, transportation and other travel tips.

Rafting around Shanghai — the 7 Best Places

The 7 best rafting places around Shanghai with location, rafting details, transportation and other travel tips.

Redefining Made in China

While "Made in China" might not be the best earmark, a bevy of local brands are disproving the stereotype and providing something better.

Shanghai's Top 7 Attractions for Autumn Outings

The article introduces 7 best places for autumn outings in and around Shanghai.

The Key Places in Shanghai That Every Tourist Needs to Know

Bars and restaurants spring up and disappear in a single season, and the benchmark for luxury hotels changes on a yearly basis.

Shanghai's Best Hidden Cafes and Bars

Travel article about the best hidden cafes and bars in Shanghai, including Boonna, the Secret Garden, Monkey Lounge and more.

The Best Parks in Shanghai

Recommended some of the Best Parks in Shanghai for leisure and relax, including Century Park, People's Park, Xujiahui Park, Zhongshan Park, and Gongqing Forest Park.

The 5 Best Apps for Tourists in Shanghai

We have compiled a list of the 5 most useful and navigable apps for travelers to Shanghai for both Apple and Android devices.

Uncovering Shanghai's Oldest Buildings

The oldest buildings in Shanghai are including Jing'an Temple, the Astor House Hotel, and St. Ignatius Cathedral.

Shanghai: A Global Centre of Art Deco

The best architectural sights in Shanghai are not just the sky scrapers, but also include some best art deco architecture in the world.

The Top 6 Revolving/Skyscraper Restaurants in Shanghai

The top 6 revolving/skyscraper restaurants in Shanghai include the Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant and Club Jin Mao at the Grand Hyatt.

The Best Laundries in Shanghai

Location and contact information of the Best Laundries in Shanghai, including Shanghai-USA GEP Dry Cleaning Chain, Fornet, and Witters Laundry Shop in Qingpu.

10 Disappearing Things of Shanghai

These 10 things were quite common in old Shanghai, but they are disappearing, and people will never see them in the near future.

When in Shanghai, Do As the Shanghainese Do

Experience Shanghai Life as a Local People, including eating street food, riding the bus and bicycle, dancing in the square, singing at KTV and join a local tours.

The 10 Most Unusual Museums in Shanghai

Information about the 10 most unusual museums in Shanghai, including Shanghai Typewriter Museum, Animation Museum, Chopsticks Museum and more.

The Top 8 Ancient Water Towns Near Shanghai — Which One to Visit?

It is a list of top 8 ancient water towns near Shanghai, ordered by the distance from central Shanghai, guiding you which one to travel.

Top Five Free Things to Do in Shanghai

A list of top five free things to do in Shanghai, including visiting free museums, appreciating Chinese artistic works, strolling the best streets and visiting ancient water towns.

Best Cycling Routes around Shanghai

This article recommends you several best cycling routes around Shanghai, and offers information about how to rent a bike.

A Three-Day Tour to the Ancient Towns around Shanghai
A Three-Day Tour to the Ancient Towns around Shanghai

This travel story covers Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, Liantang Town, Qiandeng Town, and Fengjing Town.

Travel Tips for Senior Travelers to Shanghai

Here are some suggestions for senior travelers to Shanghai, including preparations, the best time to visit, and useful tips.

Love the Leisure in Xitang Ancient Water Town

A travel story recording a leisurely trip to Xitang Ancient Water Town, which is about 90 kilometers from central Shanghai.

The Top 7 Museums in Shanghai

The detailed travel information about the top seven Shanghai museums include Shanghai Museum, the Natural History Museum, and Urban Planning Exhibition Center.

Top 5 Old Streets in Shanghai to Explore Old Shanghai

Introducing to the old streets and old buildings in Shanghai which tell you the history of Shanghai, including Sinan Road, Huashan Road, West Wuding Road, Changle Road and more.

Top 10 Spots to Enjoy the Awesome Night View of Shanghai

Recommended the best places to see night scenery in Shanghai, including the Bund, Nanjing Road, Xintiand, People's Square, Xujiahui and more.

A Two-Day Trip in Shaoxing
A Two-Day Trip in Shaoxing

It is an authentic record of traveling to Shaoxing and Shanghai in two days to visit Lu Xun's residence, Da Yu Tomb Scenic Area, East Lake and Lanting Pavilion.

How to Plan a Day Trip in Shanghai

Have a free day in Shanghai? Read this article for the best things to do and places to visit for a Shanghai day trip.

Best Places to see Fall Foliage in Shanghai

Best places to see fall colors in and around Shanghai with photos, best time to go, transportation, tours and more.

Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurants

A list of Shanghai vegetarian restaurants, which are categorize according different districts. The information including Chinese name, recommended dishes, price, address, and transportation.

Top Eight Indian Restaurants in Shanghai

A list of top 8 Shanghai Indian-style Restaurants contains address, recommended dishes, photos and more.

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