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Shaoshan Attractions

All three attractions in Shaoshan reflect Chairman Mao’s earlier life, as it is the birthplace of the Chairman, making the village well known. The houses in which chairman Mao once lived, and other buildings of the Mao family, are well preserved in their original style. Another attraction worth exploring is Dripping Water Cave, actually a villa setting among lush mountains.

Currently, China Highlights does not offer tours to Shaoshan, but we can help you design your own trip based on your special requirements.

Most Popular Shaoshan Attractions

Former Residence of Mao Zedong

In Shaoshan, there is a farmhouse with the shape of "凹"and is built north to south. That is where Chairman Mao was born.  It has 18 rooms in total. Mao Zedong started to live there when he was born ..

Water Dripping Cave

Location With the length of 2.8 kilometers, Water Dripping Cave is located in the northeast of Shaoshan,five kilometers from the Former Residence of Mao. Every name has a story, and Water Dripping Cave i..

Ancestral Hall of Mao Family

Ancestral Hall of Mao Family is the general ancestral hall of Mao Family in Shaoshan. It was first built in 1758, and the construction was finished in 1763. It is of the half-timbered structure. Grey bri..