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East Lake Scenic Area

Situated six kilometers east of the Shaoxing ancient city, East Lake is the place where you can see the artful combination of cliff, grotto, stone bridge and lake. It is a famed landscape garden as well as one of the three most well-known lakes in Zhejiang Province. Small as it is, the marvelous scenery, consisted of wonder stones and caves, makes it the wonder among lakes.

Nine bridges lie in the scenic area, separating the lake into three parts. Taogong and Xiantao Caves can be passed by canoes. Water and mountain, man-made attractions and nature are quite a match for each other. By the lake, there are some pavilions including Xiangji, Yinlu and Tingqiu Pavilions, making the scenery there more fantastic.

There are tea houses and gardens on the top of mountains. It is also an ideal place for climbing and overlooking, while the most enjoyable one is to appreciate the sunset there. It is a distinguishing feature of travel in the lake to take the Wupeng Boat (black-awning boat). Wupeng Boat is the traffic tool can be found nowhere but in Shaoxing. It is named after its color. The deck is covered with straw mat. You can sit or lie on it to your will, but you are not allowed to stand up. Because the roofing of the boat is low, and there will be the danger of losing its balance if one stands up.

  • Transportation: Bus NO. 1, 107