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Orchid Pavilion Scenic Spot

Orchid Pavilion is located in the southwest of Shaoxing, 13 kilometers from the city center. In 353, a great calligrapher in ancient China – Wang Xizhi wrote the "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion Collection" there, taking the Pavilion into fame and making it the holy land of calligraphy.

Taking your eyes from the past, you can now see that the Orchid Pavilion is shining for more reasons. With the breathtaking natural scenery, tasteful and artistic landscape garden, its fame in calligraphic field as well as its rich culture, it is known for four most distinguishing features, namely, picturesque scenery, elegant atmosphere, good literature, and precious calligraphy.

The scenery around the Pavilion is also amazing with high mountain ridges, lush forests and straight bamboos along with the brook gurgling while flowing. The architectures are built delicately but in a simple way, being a masterpiece of landscape garden. Youjun Hall is the memorial hall of Wang Xizhi. In the hall, there are quite a lot of stone inscriptions with the portrait of Wang Xizhi hung in the middle. A pond is there named "Ink Pond".

It is said that Wang Xizhi used to dip the water in the pond and practice his handwriting. He was so diligent that one day all the water in the pond was turned black. Although it is just a saying, the pond plays its special role and makes the place more attractive.

When it is hot, the Orchid Pavilion will be a place more suitable to pay a visit to. It is cool and is a summer resort. In the restaurant on water, you can taste the specials of Shaoxing and the prices are quite reasonable.