Shaoxing Shopping

Shaoxing Shopping

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Shaoxing is a famous cultural city near Hangzhou. With typical "Jiangnan Water Village" characteristics, shopping in Shaoxing is another way to enjoy the literature atmosphere. The famous special goods in Shaoxing are fans, silk, rice wine (you can have a taste in Shaoxing, but as wine is forbidden in planes, so it is not recommended to buy), and ink stone. Shaoxing Antique Market and Shaoxing Evening Street is where you should not miss.

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Special Shopping Places

Shaoxing Evening Street

Shaoxing Evening Street is where you might pick up real bargain. There are a wide collection of travel souvenir, calligraphy, toys, silk, fans, and clothes and so on. It is a good place to buy local special products.

Shaoxing Antique Market

With a length of over 320 meters (350 yard), Shaoxing Antique Market has more than 200 shops and hundreds of stalls, selling amongst others, antiques, cultural relics, calligraphies and paintings, jewelries, stamps, antique books, and artworks etc. You can find many interesting articles in this street. However, please be careful, because there are many false antiques in the market.


Shaoxing Fan

Nowadays, fans come in many varieties, like folding fans, or rosewood fans that may be decorated with binding at the edges or painted with beautiful sceneries. You may see that Chinese people like to use fans to dance, and fans are the representatives for men of letters.


Silk is a symbol of elegence and beauty for ladies in China. As a famous "Jiangnan Water Town", Shaoxing is also one of the productive places of silk. Like the beautiful women in Jiangnan, silk in Shaoxing is soft, bright color and light.

Department Stores

Wanda Square

It is a popular place among the local people, because things selling here are not expensive. It sells clothes, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.

Spring Department Store

In Spring Department Store, you can buy many brand goods here like clothes, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.




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