Shenyang Food

Shenyang Food

By Candice SongUpdated May. 17, 2021

Laobian Dumpling

With particular selected ingredients and delicate making, it has a tasty flavor and unique shape. Except being steamed and boiled, this kind of dumpling can be baked or fried.

Goubangzi Smoked Chicken

With bright purplish red color and delicious flavor, it tastes tender, soft but with threadlike shreds in mouth which will leave endless aftertaste.

Liaoshanji Haicheng Stuffed Pie

Round and yellow, with an overflowing fragrance, it tastes crisp at surface and tender and refreshing in stuff. It will be more delicious if you eat it with garlic pulp, hot pepper oil or mustard pulp.

Yangjia Egg Cake

With a flavor of bittern, the cake tastes tender and refreshing.

Famous Restaurants

Fuyunlong Restaurant

Baidiyuan Restaurant

The Earl Western Cusine Restaurant

Wanzai Tea Restaurant

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