Shenzhen Asian Restaurants - Indian, Thai, Malay

Shenzhen Asian Restaurants - Indian, Thai, Malay

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Shenzhen is one of China's wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities, and has restaurants featuring food from many Asian countries and regions. Among the favorites of foreigners are Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese food.

These restaurants are in Luohu, Futian, and the Seaworld area where tourists and travellers most often go.

Indian Restaurants

Spice Circle - Sea World

Sea World in ShenzhenSea World's main landmark is this big restaurant/hotel boat.

This restaurant gets high reviews for northern Indian food, authentic decor, and a large selection including Vegan food. It is in the Sea World area popular with foreigners and has Indian cooks and many Indian customers. It is rated Excellent on TripAdvisor in 2016, #9 of 3,916 Restaurants in Shenzhen.

Read more about Sea World on Shenzhen Western Restaurants.

Bollywood Indian Restaurant - Futian

Indians especially like this restaurant for its authentic flavor and atmosphere. It is also in a busy easy to reach place in Luohu near the Futian Central Business District near a metro station. This is an area with many Indians who live there or pass through. Rated 24 of 3,913 Restaurants in Shenzhen in 2016.

Southeast Asian Restaurants

Yes Tai - COCO Park Mall in Futian District

Yes Thai is in a mall area popular with foreigners and expats (购物公园 in Chinese). It is a large restaurant with tables both inside and outside. They mainly serve Thai dishes and specialize in curries popular with foreigners such as curry crab (咖喱蟹), curry beef (咖喱牛肉), and stir-fired curry shrimp (咖喱炒皇虾). Rated 224 of 3,913 in Shenzhen.

Mala Papa - Luohu

The restaurant mainly serves Southeast Asian dishes with rich curry dishes. Highly recommended dishes are Hainan chicken rice (海南鸡饭), Thailand style curry crab (泰式咖喱蟹), curry beef (咖喱牛肉) and vinegar-pepper chicken claw (酸辣凤爪).

Viets Kitchen - Luohu

Vietnamese foodVietnamese food is light and healthy.

Vietnamese fried rice noodles with raw beef (生牛肉河粉), Vietnam spring roll (越南春卷), shrimp cake (金钱虾饼) and Thailand style chicken claw (泰式凤爪) are featured.

Malay Scenery 马来风光 - Luohu

Malaysian cuisine is a mixture of the styles of the countries surrounding it as well as Arabian, Indian, British and Chinese flavors reflecting the country's diverse cultural influences.

Take a Shenzhen Food Tour with China Highlights

 Happy ValleyWindow of the World is one of the local theme parks.

Dining well is an important part of touring. Our local guides can give you even more insider recommendations on where and what to eat. Please contact us if you need any information about Shenzhen food or would like us to tailor-make for you a Shenzhen tour.

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