Shijiazhuang Muslim Restaurants

Shijiazhuang Muslim Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Chang'an District

Zhonghe Restaurant

Zhonghe Restaurant, with a history of more than 80 years, is an old Muslim-style restaurant in Shi Jiazhuang. The restaurant is famous for its traditional Muslim-flavored dishes and snacks. Its specialty steamed dumplings are steamed just enough, being fresh, juicy, and appetizing. The other halal dishes that are fried, roasted, quick-fried, and braised in accordance with the Muslim customs, are popular for their fine colors and flavors.

Zhonghe Restaurant Xinhua Road Branch 中和轩新华路店

Zhonghe Restaurant Zhongshan West Road Branch 中和轩中山西路店

Yuhua District

Hu-style Braised Chicken RestaurantSports South Avenue Branch

There are more than 10 Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurants in total in Shi Jiazhuang. The Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurants are not large but they are well-known for their unique Hu-style braised chicken. The braised chicken is hot, spicy, fresh, fragrant and tender. The Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurant on the Sports South Avenue is the most popular one because of its location in the center of the city. Like other branches, the Sports South Avenue Branch has an azure appearance that is the special feature of the Hu-style restaurants. The clean and tidy environment provides the restaurant with a comfortable dining atmosphere.

Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurant Friendship Branch 胡氏大盘鸡友谊店

Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurant Friendship South Avenue Branch 胡氏大盘鸡友谊南大街店

Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurant Chinese North Avenue Branch 胡氏大盘鸡中华北大街店

Hu-style Braised Chicken Restaurant Build China North Avenue Branch 胡氏大盘鸡建华北大街店

Xinhua District

Western Regions Restaurant

Western Regions Restaurant is a large Muslim-style restaurant that primarily offers authentically tasty Xinjiang-style dishes in Shi Jiazhuang. The dishes here are appetizing and great. The ethnic features are displayed everywhere. The notable Muslim-style appearance, the exotic decorations including the painting of a mysterious Uygur girl with a veil, and other unique and special folk ornaments bring the experience of western regions. The restaurant's comfortable, neat, and tidy environment provides a pleasant and warm dining atmosphere.

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