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Best 10 Hiking Places in Sichuan

Mountains, plateaus, and hills account for about 97.46% of Sichuan's land area. Therefore, there are many top places to go hiking in Sichuan.

Hiking in Sichuan can be an exciting and enriching activity. Here, we will introduce the best places to go hiking in Sichuan.

1. Mount Siguniang (Four Girls Mountain)

mount siguniang

Mount Siguniang is a series of four peaks near Rilong Town in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of western Sichuan.

According to local Tibetan legends, four beautiful girls were transformed into the four peaks, hence the name.

The mountain reaches a soaring height of 6,250 meters (20,505 feet) above sea level at its highest peak and is a favorite for climbers and hikers.

Mount Siguniang is treasured by nature lovers for its well-protected flora and fauna as well as its picturesque mountain scenery. The foothills are thickly forested and green with gurgling crystal clear streams.

It is also home to a diversity of animals, including the golden snub-nosed monkey, white-lipped deer, clouded leopard, and giant panda.

2. Mount Emei

mount emei

Mount Emei is located in southwest Sichuan, near the Leshan Giant Buddha. It is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters.

With the pleasant weather, congenial atmosphere, inspiring natural scenery, and numerous Buddhist temples, it is the best hiking place for families. It offers cable cars and a sightseeing bus.

From the top of the mountain – Golden Summit – the scenery of a red glowing sun dancing over the sea of clouds in the east is fabulous.

3. Jiuzhai Valley


Jiuzhaigou is the embodiment of beauty. There are ancient Tibetan villages, plank roads, and prayer flags as well as towering snow mountains, spectacular waterfalls, clear blue lakes, and verdant forests.

Jiuzhaigou attracts many visitors who are eager to enjoy a beautiful and natural scenic area as well as many hikers. Hiking in this fairyland, you will be attracted by colorful lakes, spectacular waterfalls, and mountains without feeling tired.

4. Mount Qingcheng

mount qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng is located in Dujiangyan, 68 kilometers east of Chengdu. It is a famous Taoist mountain and one of the places where Taoism originated.

Trees grow luxuriantly on the mountain, creating greenery all year round and giving it the name Qingcheng Shan, meaning ‘green city mountain’.

Mount Qingcheng has two peaks — Front Mountain and Back Mountain. Front Mountain is suitable for sightseeing, including many Taoist and Buddhist temples. Back Mountain is suitable for hiking. It is mainly a nature reserve with peaceful streams, quiet forests, and a grand peak.

5. Mount Gongga

mount gongga

Located in Kangding, Mount Gongga (or Minya Konka in Tibetan) is the highest mountain in Sichuan. It is the perfect place for adventurous hikers.

With an altitude of 7,556 meters (24,790 feet), Mount Gongga is an internationally renowned destination for mountaineering.

Mount Gongga is famous for its glaciers. Eroded by glaciers, the steep peaks have a pyramidal shape and tower into the sky.

6. Hailuogou


Hailuogou is located on the east slope of Mount Gongga. It is the only glacier and forest park in China.

Crystal clear glaciers pour down from the high valleys. Huge ice caves and steep ice bridges make it seem as though you are stepping into a crystal palace in a mythical world.

In the valley, there are several hot and cold mineral springs, a large area of virgin forests, special high glacial peaks, and many rare species of animals.

7. Qizang Valley


Jiuzhaigou is well known to many people but behind it lies a secret place that few people know about — Qizang Valley.

Its greatest charm lies in its originality and quietness, and it is also a great place for hikers to explore. The scenery along the road has no trace of artificial development.

Gurgling streams wind past you. Numerous shrubs, as well as tall cedar and larch trees, grow along the way. There is no Internet, no stress, and no crowds. It only has the purest scenery and offers the most unforgettable experience.

8. Mount Genie

mount genie

Mount Genie is the third highest peak in Sichuan with an elevation of 6,204 meters (20,354 feet). It is also a famous sacred mountain in Tibetan areas of Sichuan.

Its challenging hiking route and enchanting landscapes have attracted mountaineering teams from Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Genie Natural Reserve is famous for its high snow peaks, Lenggu Temple, Tibetan villages, glaciers, old-growth forests, vast grasslands, lakes, hot springs, and more. The virgin forest area accounts for more than a third of the scenic area.

9. Wuxu Lake

Wuxu Lake is located in Jiulong County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is part of Mount Gongga Scenic Area.

As early as 1929, Wuxu Lake's picturesque scenery was discovered by the Austrian-American explorer and photographer Joseph F. Rock (1884–1962), and an article about it was published in the National Geographic magazine.

In Tibetan, Wuxu Lake means a blazing and sunny lake. Surrounded by primeval forests and wide meadows, it is described by locals as "a mirror for fairies dressing up", and it is pure, green, and quiet.

10. Daocheng


Located at an average elevation of 3,800 meters (12,467 feet), Daocheng has enjoyed great fame as being “the last pure land on the blue planet”.

Its breathtaking natural scenery attracts many trekkers and photographers.

Starting from Chonggu Temple, passing through Luorong Cattle Farm, and finally reaching Daocheng Yading Colored Sea Scenic Area, you will enjoy the blue sky, flowing rivers and lakes, broad pastures, and snowcapped mountains.

The whole journey will provide a great memory and a feast for your eyes.

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