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Top 15 Places to Visit in Sichuan

Sichuan covers an area of 49 square kilometers, which is a little bit bigger than California. It is difficult to decide where to visit in such a vast land. Here, we have selected the top places to visit in Sichuan to help you make a decision.

1. Wolong Panda Center

baby pandas in wolong

Visiting giant pandas will be an unforgettable experience. Sichuan has 16 giant panda nature reserves. Of these, we recommend going to Wolong Panda Center.

Why we recommend it:

  • It is less crowded than other panda centers.
  • It is considered to be the real hometown of wild pandas.
  • It offers an opportunity to get close to pandas by joining a panda keeper program.

2. Jiuzhaigou


Jiuzhaigou National Park is an extravaganza of natural wonders — a pure unspoiled land with waterfalls, alpine lakes, tranquil grasslands, snowy mountain views, and Tibetan villages.

You won’t believe the fairyland beauty of the area until you've been there and seen it for yourself.

3. The Wide and Narrow Alleys

wide and narrow alleys

If you are a foodie, we recommend the Wide and Narrow Alleys where you will find various Chengdu local snacks. The area consists of Wide Alley, Narrow Alley, and Jing ('well') Alley.

Wide Alley features boutique hotels, unique restaurants in traditional styles, traditional teahouses, taverns, and distinctive inns.

Filled with an elegant, fashionable ambience of German, Japanese, American, French, and Indian styles, Narrow Alley has Western food, coffee shops, retail outlets, and themed cultural salons.

Jing Alley has a modern ambience. There are various pubs and characteristic restaurants.

4. Jinli Ancient Street

lanterns in jinli ancient street

Similar to the Wide and Narrow Alleys, Jinli Ancient Street is also a good place to try special local snacks.

Compared with the Wide and Narrow Alleys, it has a more traditional atmosphere. The street showcases the culture of Shu Han (one of the three states from the Three Kingdoms Period, lasting from 221 to 263).

Most of the architecture there reflects the style of the residences found in western Sichuan Province. The best time to visit is in the evening when all the lanterns are lit.

5. Tianfu Square

chengdu tianfu square

Tianfu Square is the geographical center and an important landmark of Chengdu.

The best way to see it is from a high position. It looks like a huge tai chi pattern depicting yin and yang, and you can see the image of a flying sunbird in the center, which is the emblem of the city.

It is a leisurely activity to enjoy afternoon tea and have a bird's-eye view of Tianfu Square while listening to historical stories about Chengdu.

6. People’s Park

people's park in chengdu

If you ask which city in China is the most leisurely, most of the answers you receive will say Chengdu. People’s Park is the best place to get an authentic taste of the laid-back Chengdu lifestyle.

In the park, you should not miss the chance to drink a cup of tea at Heming Teahouse and experience an ear massage, which is a Chengdu specialty.

7. The Leshan Giant Buddha

leshan giant buddha

Leshan is a cultural city in Sichuan with a history of more than 3,000 years. The most famous attraction is the Leshan Giant Buddha.

This 71-meter-high and 24-meter-wide Buddha is the tallest and largest Buddha carved in a cliff in China. There is a local saying: "The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain".

8. Mount Emei

the top of the mount emei

Mount Emei is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the Leshan Giant Buddha. The mountain is characterized by lofty ancient trees, impressive waterfalls, pristine brooks, and numerous Buddhist temples.

Seeing a sunrise, the sea of clouds, the ‘Buddha’s halo’, and the sacred lamps are the highlights. The Golden Summit is the best place to see them.

9. Mount Siguniang

mount siguniang

Mount Siguniang is a series of four peaks. It boasts imposing ridges, glaciers, cliff springs, large and small lakes, and beautiful grasslands with exotic flowers and herbs.

It is also rich in traditional Tibetan history and culture. It is a popular destination for mountaineering.

10. Daocheng


Located in western Sichuan, Daocheng is a good place to experience Tibetan culture and enjoy beautiful scenery.

Located at an average elevation of 3,800 meters, it is full of alpine views under a blue sky, flowing rivers and lakes, broad pastures, and snowcapped mountains.

Daocheng is also home to many endangered species. Long-tailed leaf monkeys, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer, red deer, water deer, argali, and antelope enjoy their lives freely in this vast land, untouched by human beings.

11. Xinduqiao Town

xinduqiao town

Xinduqiao Town is located in Kangding, in western Sichuan. It is regarded as a “paradise for photographers”.

There are boundless grasslands, winding streams, golden poplars, rolling mountains, and scattered Tibetan villages, as well as cattle and sheep that graze peacefully.

12. Seda


Seda is of huge spiritual importance to Buddhists. It is home to the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world.

Tens of thousands of tiny red houses sprawl across the hills around the central prayer halls. These red houses were all built by monks.

Looking at it from the top of the mountain, the splendid scene will have a direct impact on your soul.

13. Wuhou Temple

wuhou temple

If you are interested in the history of China’s Three Kingdoms Period from 220 until 280, you will like Wuhou Temple. It was built to commemorate Zhuge Liang, a distinguished statesman and strategist in Chinese history.

14. Jiaju Tibetan Village

jiaju tibetan village

Jiaju Tibetan Village is one of the most beautiful ancient villages, as voted by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005.

Characteristic houses with crown-shaped roofs, red eaves, and white walls are scattered among winding brooks, with the occasional kitchen chimney puffing up smoke from a wood fire.

Emerald terraced fields stand in stark contrast to severe mountain heights and white snowcapped peaks.

15. Hailuogou Scenic Area


Hailuogou is in southeast Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. Glaciers are the biggest highlight.

There is the most spectacular icefall stretching to 1,000 meters in height and 1,100 meters wide.

On sunny days, the sunlight shines on the snowy peaks and, suddenly, all of the snowcapped peaks are covered with a layer of golden light, which is dazzling, magnificent, and brilliant.

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