Taiwan Shopping

Taiwan Shopping

By Candice SongUpdated May. 17, 2021

The local specialties such as stone carvings, oil-paper umbrellas, corals and ceramics make shopping in Taiwan an out of the ordinary experience, where art and everyday objects meet. Clothing, fashion and beauty are also well represented.

Local Specialties

Stone Carvings in Hualian City 花莲石雕

Rich resources of many unique stones and precious jades make Hualian City the Hometown of Stones and create a unique landscape in the city.

Stones originate on the mountains, are carried away and shaped by the rivers, and accumulate on the river bed and the sea coast. After processing, the large stones can be used as building materials or furniture, smaller ones for example as ornaments.

Hualian Stone Art Shop 花莲石头艺术网

Besides stone carvings, the shop also sells other kinds of handcrafts, including jewelry and silver and gold items.

Hualian County Stone Sculptural Museum 花莲石雕博物馆

The museum has numerous stone sculptures.

Oil-Paper Umbrellas of Meinong Town 美浓油纸伞

The famous oil-paper umbrellas of Meinong Town are exquisite in craftsmanship. Although people don't use oil-paper umbrellas any more, many people buy and treasure them as works of art, as the Chinese paintings on them are very beautiful.

Guangrongxing Umbrella Factory on the bank of the Chong Cheng Lake is the most famous and one with the longest history of the many factories producing oil-paper umbrellas in Meinong Town.

When buying an oil-paper umbrella, it is important to check whether the mechanism is smooth.

Four Treasures of Penghu Island 澎湖四宝

Four treasures of Penghu Island are aragonite, coral, black coral and Male Cat Stone.

Aragonite is a kind of beautiful ore that can only be found on Penghu Island and Sicily in Italy; on Penghu Island it is particularly rich in texture. Visitors can buy aragonite products in Magong City (马公市).

Corals on Penghu Island are the pink variety. Visitors can buy earrings, necklaces, and decorations in the shape of a small coral tree in the markets.

The black coral is also called the sea tree and dark green coral. It exists in three colors: golden, black and amber. The black coral is capable of withstanding heat and always remains cool, and its color doesn’t fade easily, which makes it the best material for pipes.

Male Cat Stone is a kind of basalt stone, hard and filled with large cavities caused by erosion by seawater. It is found on the beaches of the outlying islands, such as Tongpan Island and Hujing Island. It is considered the best material for garden landscaping.

Ceramics in Yingge Town 莺歌陶瓷

Yingge Town, conveniently by the north-south railway in West Taiwan, can be the considered a synonym of the art of ceramics in Taiwan. There are around 800 ceramic factories and ceramic shops in the town.The Ceramics Old Street has more than 100 ceramic shops, and the street itself is like a live museum. Some ceramic shops have been passed on from generation to generation.

There are exquisite art centers and franchise houses as well as ceramist workshops selling dinnerware, each with their unique features and products.As well as more artistic items there are also all kinds of practical household utensils in both ancient and modern style, rich in color and size and reasonable in price, many of them made by local artists.

Many ceramic shops have launched a 'ceramic experience', which means that tourists can make their own ceramic products, including pottery molding and painting.

Clothing, Fashion and Beauty

Shenghengchang Duty-Free Shop 昇恒昌免税店

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Taiwan 新光三越

A department store selling clothing, fashion, and cosmetics, places for eating in and entertainment also available.

Dayuan Department Store 大远百货

A department store offering all kinds of products: clothing by many famous brands, and fashion and beauty products. Near the department store are small shops selling snacks, perfect place to go to after shopping to enjoy the delicacies.

Cosmed Cosmetics Shops 康是美

A cosmetics and skin care products shop; facial masks are one of the most popular products.

Book Stores

Eslite Bookstore 诚品书店

Eslite Bookstore is very famous chain store in Taiwan; it has 53 bookstores, 2 children's bookstores, and 5 music bookstores. The branch in South Dunhua Road is open 24 hours (Address: Floor 2, 245 Section 2, South Dunhua Road, Taipei City; Tel: 02-2775 5977).

Page One Bookstore 叶一堂书店

This bookstore has many English books, and a nice setting for shopping.

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