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Tengchong Attractions

Tengchong used to be a communications hub in ancient Silk Road, which gifted it rich historical culture. Most of Tengchong’s attractions are not very far from Tnegchong Town. Henshun Ancient Village can bring you to experience the simple and idyllic life. Beihai Wetland, the only national wetland reserve in Yuannan Province, is only 12.5 kilometers from the town.

Most Popular Tengchong Attractions

Heshun Ancient Village

Heshun is a peaceful and harmonious village situated four kilometers away from Tengchong County. This town is packed with stunning natural and man-made scenery. Visitors love to take pictures of the famous pa..

Beihai Wetland Nature Reserve

Tengchong Beihai Wetland Reserve is located in the north-west part of Tengchong County, at a distance of 12.5 kilometers from the county. It is the only National Wetland Reserve in Yunnan Province, covering..