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Beihai Wetland Nature Reserve

Tengchong Beihai Wetland Reserve is located in the north-west part of Tengchong County, at a distance of 12.5 kilometers from the county. It is the only National Wetland Reserve in Yunnan Province, covering an area of 16.29 square kilometers.

The wetland is surrounded by mountains, located in a special geographical position, and is a typical subtropical volcanic lava barrier lake marsh wetland. The reserve features a “floating blanket style” marsh, complex biodiversity and high productivity. The reserve is not only a garden of national protected plants like Brasenia schreberi and wildwater chestnuts, but it is also a paradise for water birds.

Water Grassland

Tengchong Wetland is very special. Numerous lush water plants are interwoven and are continuously thriving. Day after day, year after year, old plants decompose and new plants sprout, finally contributing to many one-meter thick meadows, like small grass islands floating above the water. Walking barefoot on a grass island is like walking on a sponge.

Local people often cut apart a grass meadow and use it as a raft so that they can catch fishes and shrimps on it; some people even dig a small hole in a meadow and put a fishing rod through the hole to go fishing which is very interesting.

Every mid-to-late April is the most beautiful season in the reserve; you will love the sea of blooming Beihai orchids there. The meadows turn yellow in autumn but are still amazing to see. The aroma of grass is floating in the air, wild ducks are quacking from amongst the reeds, and tourists are enjoying taking soft steps on the meadows. Boating on the lake, surrounded by the beautiful landscape, you will feel like you are in a prairie, a prairie floating on the water.

Travel Essentials

  • Best times for traveling: the most beautiful season in Beihai Wetland is from April to May, with a land full of purple orchids.
  • How to get there: take a minibus at Tengchong Ximen Bus Station; the trip costs 5 yuan and takes 20 minutes.


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