13 Frequently Asked Questions on Tibet Permits

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 31, 2021

1. What are the steps of arranging the Tibet Entry Permit through a Lhasa tour agency,via the Internet?

You can't apply for the permits by yourself. So you have to contact a travel agency (Chinese travel agencies are recommended). The steps to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit are as follows.

2. I'm working in China; would this make any difference when applying for the permits?

Depending on what type of China visa you are holding,certain extra documents may be required.

3. So what is the real permit price?

The permit price is actually zero, and on the permit it will state very clear that the permit is free. But it's only fair for travel agencies to charge for arranging the permits. They need a lot of connections in governmental departments to get the permits. Travel agencies also need a lot of insurance to arrange foreigners' permits,which is related to politics and security. If you get into any trouble in Lhasa,the tour agency that helped you to get the permit will take full responsibility. Some “offenses” committed by foreigners may seem to be very minor,but will still have big consequences for tour agencies.

4. Can we apply for a Tibet Permit for November?

Sure, you can apply for the Tibet Entry Permit for November. We can help you apply for a permit for all months except February and March. And if Tibetan New Year is in January,we can't apply for a Tibet Entry Permit then either. 

5. When will I get my Tibet Permit?

Your Tibet Entry Permit will be issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau after our local Tibet agent presents the permit application,together with a copy of your passport and China Visa. Our Tibet agent will send the original permit by express mail service to our local agent (or to your hotel) in your final city before departing for Tibet.

6. I'll be coming to Kathmandu soon and will need to apply for Chinese Visa there. Is it possible to do so even if I'm only on a tourist visa in Nepal and not a permanent resident in Nepal?

Yes,you can apply for China visa in Nepal,even if you are not a permanent resident in Nepal. Please apply at a Chinese embassy or consulate in Nepal.

If you want to go from Nepal to Tibet,besides a China visa,a Tibet Entry Permit is also required. According to Chinese government regulations,foreigners are required to obtain a Tibet Entry Permit to enter Tibet,and the permit cannot be obtained by the tourist himself/herself,but can only through a travel agency,with which you have booked a Tibet tour.

7. If I arrange my Tibet tour in Kathmandu how many days will it take to get the Tibet permits? Can I arrange the tour on Monday and go to Tibet on Saturday?

It is very,very difficult to obtain Tibet Entry Permits within one week. You have two important documents to apply for,one after the other.

8. How to obtain a China visa in Nepal?

To obtain a China Visa in Nepal,you will need to allow a minimum of 4 days in Nepal for the visa application and Tibet permit to be processed. It takes at least 2 working days to obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and the Embassy only works on Monday,Wednesday and Friday. You will need to use an authorized travel agency in Nepal to help with your application.

For our help please provide us with the contact information of the agency,so that we can email or fax the completed documents to the travel agency,as well as the Chinese embassy in Nepal. The information required for these documents must be as per your passport photo page (apart from occupation): name,passport number,date of birth,gender,nationality,and occupation. Send a photocopy of your passport photo page.

If you do not have a travel agency in Nepal,our partner travel agent Explore Nepal Richa Tours will be happy to help you. Please contact them for more details. Just tell them that you are a client of China Highlights and they will give you the special discount price that we have negotiated for our customers.

Explore Nepal Richa Tours: Fax 009771 4374658,Contact person: Major Ram (direct line) fax 009771 4411746, tel 009771 4422007/ 4411746,mobile 00977 9851052550.

I also attached the contact information for the Chinese Embassy in Nepal: tel: 009771 4419053/ 4415383/ 4411740,fax 009771 4414045,visa section tel: 009771 4425520 Please ensure that you allow time for the visa application to be processed in Nepal.

9. How do I get Tibet permits if I come to China from Nepal?

All travelers entering Tibet from Nepal have to apply for their China Visa in Nepal,which is valid for 15 days.This visa is usually not placed in your passport,but is a sheet of paper that lists all of the names of the people in your group along with their nationalities,birth dates,and passport numbers. This group visa is usually not able to be extended. A visa issued in other countries will be invalid. With the group Chinese visa,members of your travel group need to enter and exit at the same time and the same place.

To obtain a China Visa in Nepal, you will need to allow a minimum of 4 days in Nepal for the visa application and Tibet permit to be processed. You will need to use an authorized travel agency in Nepal to help with your application.

China Highlights can help arrange the Tibet permit for travelers who book their Tibet tours with us.

10. I need a China visa. I need to submit my Latvia visa in Latvia embassy in Nepal. Please would you help me get a visa for China in 5 to 10 days?

Our company is a travel agency,we do not have the authority to offer China visas,and we can't send you an invitation letter unless you book a tour with us. However,I can give you some hints on how to apply for a China visa.

For visa application, prepare these documents: Your passport (original,not a copy),which must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel,with at least one blank visa page (amendment pages and pages with bar codes are not acceptable for visa stamping).

One completed,signed Visa Application Form for each passport,with two passport photos. The Chinese consulate requires a photo similar to the one in your passport. They will only accept photos which are head-only,front view,with a white background,approximately 1½" by 2" (35 mm by 45 mm). Cut outs from personal photographs are not acceptable. Check with the Chinese Embassy in Nepal (http://np.china-embassy.org/eng/ConsularService/). If you enter via Tibet a Tibet Entry Permit is needed,which we can help with. China Highlights does not handle visa application service,but we can help you book flights,hotels,transport,or tours around China

11. If I want to travel to Zhongdian,do I need to apply for an Alien's Travel Permit?

No,you don't need an Alien's Travel Permit for Zhongdian,but you must apply for a Tibet Entry Permit to enter Tibet.

12. Is it OK for me to continue traveling if my Chinese visa expires but I have a longer Tibet Permit?


You must have a valid Chinese visa to cover the whole period of your stay in Tibet. Sometimes the Tourism Bureau may give you a longer permit by mistake,but it doesn't imply any visa extension. You will have to leave Tibet even if you still have some days left on the Tibet Permit. Note that no visa extension will be allowed in Tibet for travelers under any circumstances. So make sure that your Chinese visa covers the period of your Tibet tour before you apply for the Tibet Permit.

13. Can I extend my stay in Tibet by one or two days after I arrive there?

Tibet Tourism Regulations do not allow any change to the departure date from Tibet you have submitted your Tibet Entry Permit application. Please work with your travel adviser to decide and settle on your itinerary before we apply for your Tibet Entry Permit.

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