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Tonghua is a small city in northeast China, and we have listed its top three attractions below. Sanjiaolong Wan and Yalu River are tourist destinations known for their natural landscapes. Koguryo Historic Site of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom was included in UNESCO's World Heritage Site List. If you intent to travel in Tonghua, contact us and have us customize your own tour of Tonghua.

Most Popular Tonghua Attractions

Yalu River Border Tourism Zone

Border Tourism Zone is located in Ji'an City, facing Democratic People's Republic of Korea across Yalu River. Inside the zone spread unique geographical landscape, where visitors can appreciate local customs ..

Koguryo Historic Site

Historic site of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom which has been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage Site List, is located in and around Ji'an. The site contains the archaeological remains of three cities (Wun..