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Yalu River Border Tourism Zone

Border Tourism Zone is located in Ji'an City, facing Democratic People's Republic of Korea across Yalu River. Inside the zone spread unique geographical landscape, where visitors can appreciate local customs and practices of ethnic characteristics. The border river, bridge and dam are all open to travelers.

There are many popular attractions around, such as Guodongda Cave, Cave Complex, Tongtian Cave, Sanjiaotianya Cliff and Daguanyin Cave. The mountains, peaks, valleys, and ditches are telling the history of thousand-year deep-cut erosion landscape.

On both banks of the Yalu River are numerous steep triangles fault rocks, craggy granite cliffs, peaks, exotic river islands and so on.

Yalu RiverYalu River

Travel Essentials

  • How to get there: The zone is not far from Ji'an Bus Station. It takes only 10-20 minutes to walk there. Travelers can also take man-power vehicles or taxis, normally with a price of 3 yuan.
  • Ticketing: Admission Free, but it costs 25 yuan to take the sightseeing boat on the Yalu River.

Local Food and Dinning

White fish are abundant in the Yalu River in recent years, so you can have a taste of various fish dishes while enjoying the scenic area. Usually it takes 20 yuan per Jin (斤 in Chinese, a Chinese unit of weight equal to half kilogram). In addition, the barbecue of Korean characteristics is highly suggested because of its different flavor and low price.

Travelers can costomize a tour in Tonghua including Yalu River Border Tourism Zone.