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Jiulong Cave


Jiulong Cave lies behind "Six Dragon Mountain"and looks out upon the Jinjiang River. Inside the cave, there are forests of fantastic rocks in a variety of odd formations. Among its seven halls, three are open to receive travelers. Besides these halls, there are also cultural sites like East Temple as well as ancient architecture from the Ming and Qing dynasties connected to Jiulong Cave.  It has a total of 12 scenic spots.


Jiulong Cave is a natural karst cave.


Located on the slope of Guanying Mountain, which is 12 kilometers east of Tongren city.


1.Jiulong Dong is located in the mountainside of Guanying Mountain. It takes about one and a half hours to reach there on foot. On rainy days, the mountain road may be muddy. Travelers can also ride a horse to climb up the mountain. It costs 10 to 15 yuan per person.
2, Due to power saving reasons, Jiulong Cave will only turn on the lights if there are at least 10 tourists. If there are fewer than 10, travelers can bring their own lighting equipment, such as headlights, with them. However, this option will not provide as much light. 

Arrival Transportation

1. From Tongren City to Jiulong Cave, you take a bus from Tongren North Bus Station to Yangtou Town. After getting off the bus in Jiulong Cave in the midway, you can take a right turn and walk 100 meters to the bank of the Jing River. Then you can take the ferry boat to the bank on the other side. For motor boats, the ticket fare is 1 yuan per person, and for manual boats, it's 0.5 yuan per person.
2. You can also take a boat to go there from the West Gate Bridge of Tongren City.  The boat leaves every 30 minutes. If there too many people in the travel group, you can rent a boat to go there, which costs 20 to 30 yuan.