One-Day Private Beijing-by-Foot Eco Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Beijing Traditional Breakfast

When having breakfast in your hotel, remember leave a small space a second breakfast bite. Your guide will walk with you to discover an authentic Beijing breakfast. Try a sip of douzhir (/doh-jarr/ fermented soya-bean milk), and take a bite of a hot steamed bun. Listen to the idiomatic Beijing dialect and meet different smiling faces. You will be surrounded by the real flavor of Beijing at the beginning of a day.

local vegetable market

There is a local market nearby. Chinese people believe freshness is the soul of a dish, so they buy fresh food every day, and it has become a part of the daily routine for many. It is interesting to find that most of customers in the market are of the older generation, and they are happy to prepare lunch or dinner for their children or grandchildren. Visit the market and find insight into the Chinese family philosophy.

Dafang Department Store

Only five minutes walk from the market is Dafang Department Store, which has kept its traditional flavor from before China’s economic reforms in 1960s. Various time-honored brands of daily necessities are on the shelves, such as enamel cups and bowls, and cosmetics. Dafang Department Store is an oasis among modern shops in Beijing. It is a good opportunity for souvenir shopping.

the Temple of Heaven

Then walk about 20 minutes from Dafang Department Store to the Temple of Heaven. It was a place for emperors to worship heaven, and to solemnly pray for a good harvest. Now it is a paradise for local people to do morning exercises. Join in and have fun.

After visiting to the Temple of Heaven, it will be time to take a break for lunch. Your guide will arrange a local restaurant, rather than a touristy one, then help you to order dishes.

a hidden hutong

A hutong tour in Beijing is a must for tourists, but on this tour your guide will walk you around a hidden hutong where no tourist usually goes. Get close to the local residents' lives, and experience a unique hutong stroll.

After the hutong visit, your one-day walking tour will come to the end. Look back on your insight into different aspects of Beijing and in-depth view of local life. Taking this itinerary you will contribute to Beijing’s environment protection.

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