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In china are more than 1,400 bird species in forests, by lakes and rivers, on the shore, in deserts, on upland Tibet-Qinghai plateau and in sub-tropical karst areas. In this magnificent and beautiful country you may enjoy bird watching on our comfortable tailor-made trip, enlarge your birdlist, and have fun with the Fauna and Flora.

One Day Birding Tour in Guilin

Guilin one day birding tour

This trip offers you the chance to see the Chinese grass babblers (Graminicola striatus) between karst hills and small villages. After breakfast, you will experience the amazing landscape of Guilin and the lifestyle of the sub-tropical birds of China.

Accompanied by an English-speaking guide and a professional bird guide, your time can be very flexibly arranged.

One Day Birding Tour in Shanghai

Shanghai one day birding tour

You probably never thought that you would have the opportunity for a birding trip in the metropolis of Shanghai! We offer you a tour of a Shanghai wetland, where there are thousands of shorebirds, ducks, and geese, and also warblers and flycatchers in the woods.

Know our Birding Tour Product Manager and Birding Guide in Southern China

Tour Guides

Benjamin Fu - Birding tour product manager and birding guide in Southern China

I am a friendly person who loves nature, especially the avi fauna, based in Guilin,Guangxi Province of China, where dominates the world class Karst landscape with the bizarre sup-tropical birds. I also assistants the Kadoorie Conservation China for the Chinese Grass bird survey project and the Nonggang Babbler conservation project, affords my energy for the nature education in Guilin and Li river area. I travel frequently in Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan and Jiangxi in for birding, aim to the scarce birds.

Contact me: Benjamin@chinahighlights.net