One Day Birding Tour in Guilin

In the morning, you will enjoy a bird tour in Guilin. Your birding guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to a place near Guilin City to see Chinese Grass-babbler (Graminicola striatus, 大草莺). The Chinese Grass-babbler is a newly recognized species, split from the Indian grassbird (Graminicola bengalensis), and was formerly known as the rufous-rumped grassbird. The split of the grassbirds, which was proposed in 2010 based on a morphological, vocal, and genetic study (Leader et al., 2010), was accepted by the International Ornithologists’ Union in January 2012 (Gill and Donsker, 2012).

In October 2016 the common name of Graminicola striatus is changed by BirdLife International from Chinese Grassbird into Chinese Grass-babbler, and this species has a small population with a largest sub-population smaller than 1,000 individuals, and is very likely to be declining as land is converted to agriculture, as well as the regeneration of shrub land, tree planting and grazing leading to a decrease in the amount of suitable grassland for this species (Leader et al. 2010). For these reasons, the species is evaluated as Vulnerable under criterion C2a.


  • Chinese Grass-babbler (Graminicola striatus)
  • Other birds in South China like the Golden-headed cisticola (Cisticola exilis)

What's Included

  • Guide: better than a normal licensed tour guide, he/she will be friendly and helpful with fluent English/German. Has been birding for 4 years and has witnessed more than 400 bird species in China.
  • Driver: a reliable and licensed local driver with at least 5 years’ driving experience. If you do not need a bird guide, we may also arrange one Driver, who knows the birding spots for you, but he/she could not speak English or other language except Chinese.
  • Vehicle: an air-conditioned business car (max: 7 seats) with GPS facilities, free in-car Wi-Fi, big windows, and ample space
  • China Highlights Guilin Head Office: 24/7 customer service, providing backup support

Price Per Person in US Dollars

Apr.1 - Oct.31 5-star 4-star
2-4 Persons $86 $76
5-9 Persons $66 $56
Nov.1 - Mar. 31 5-star 4-star
2-4 Persons $81 $71
5-9 Persons $61 $51

Suggested Itinerary


Your guide will be waiting for you in the lobby at around 7am–7:30am. (Your tour guide will contact you with the exact collection time the day before your departure.)

A comfortable car will transfer you and your guide to Jiazhai where the scarce Chinese Grass-babblers are found. The place is hidden in a small village beside a hill and tiny river, and you will have a good opportunity to take pictures and even make a video there.

Your group will be a maximum of 6 people, offering good flexibility. If you want some more time for taking photos, or you have more questions about the birds, just let your guide know.

Good to know:

The birds are resident species in South China, found in Hong Kong as well as northern Guangdong and northern Guangxi, but they are very shy. Due to this, you can use the playback to attract and encounter them, and the best time for seeing them is in the morning, as it is for other birds (though you may still have the chance to see the birds in the afternoon, if the weather and your luck is good enough. Possibility ≥50%).


You will be driven to the airport or back to your hotel in the city or continue enjoying your birding in Guilin area with your guide.

Emergency contact: 0086-18177396801 (24/7 customer service)

Trip Notes

Customizing the Tour — According to Your Needs

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary, extend or shorten it to suit your schedule. For example, you can extend 2 days for Maoershan!

Guiding Service

Your personal tour guide will accompany you throughout the tour, providing guidance and local knowledge. He/she will be ready and willing to help you solve any problems that may arise while on the tour.

Payment Methods

We now offer three payment methods: PayPal, credit card authorization via fax, and wire transfer. PayPal is recommended for its safety and efficiency. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay directly with your credit card or debit card using USA dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, or British pounds.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, we will refund any payment made to China Highlights (unless any cancellation fee is applicable) within 14 days of receipt of your written cancellation request. Visit here for more details.