One Day Birding Tour in Shanghai


Xiaoyangshan is an island located to the south of Shanghai in the East China Sea. It is a station of the birds' migratory path along the coast and is Shanghai's famous bird sanctuary.

Nanhui Dongtan

Nanhui Dongtan is located near to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, with large areas of reed beds and beaches, which attract waterfowl and shorebirds that stop to have a rest there.

The Nanhui "magic forest" is also very famous for the density of bird species. In this small forest, you can encounter Japanese paradise flycatchers (Terpsiphone atrocaudata) and fairy pittas (Pitta nympha) in the migration season.

In Spring and Autumn

In the spring and autumn, yellow buntings (Emberiza sulphurata), chestnut buntings (Emberiza rutila), Japanese robins (Larvivora akahige), and some rare birds can be observed there. Narcissus flycatchers (Ficedula narcissina), blue-and-white flycatchers (Cyanoptila cyanomelana), reed parrotbills (Paradoxornis heudei) and some other beautiful birds are also easy to find.

In the spring and autumn, dozens of species of shorebirds pass through there, including red-necked stints (Calidris ruficollis), common greenshanks (Tringa nebularia), and dunlins (Calidris alpina). Nordmann's greenshanks (Tringa guttifer) and spoon-billed sandpipers (Calidris pygmaea) have even been recorded there.

In spring and autumn, over 70 bird species are recorded in a day, up to a maximum of 110 species.

In Winter

In winter, numerous ducks and geese attract birders. You can still see highlighted bird species, such as black-faced spoonbills, Oriental white storks, and reed parrotbills (Paradoxornis heudei).

Our Birding Day Tour

We combine Xiaoyangshan and Nanhui Dongtan together as a package for a day trip, and hope to find endemic birds in different habitats. Just 1½ hours' drive from Shanghai, you can also enjoy other sights along the way, such as offshore windmills, a great bridge, and breathtaking scenery of the East China Sea.


  • reed parrotbills (Paradoxornis heudei)
  • chestnut buntings (Emberiza rutila)
  • Other birds in South China like the yellow buntings (Emberiza sulphurata)

What's Included

  • Guide: better than a normal licensed tour guide, he/she will be friendly and helpful with fluent English/Japanish
  • Driver: a reliable and licensed local driver with at least 5 years’ driving experience. If no more than four people are in the group, we use the bird guide's vehicle. For more than four people, we use a van with a driver who is familiar with the road.
  • Vehicle: an air-conditioned business car (max: 7 seats) with GPS facilities, free in-car Wi-Fi, big windows, and ample space.
  • China Highlights Guilin Head Office: 24/7 customer service, providing backup support

Suggested Itinerary

5am Departure from your hotel

6:30am Arrive in Xiaoyangshan and begin bird-watching. You will need to climb a hill at an altitude of less than 100 meters.

11am Drive to Nanhui Dongtan

12pm Arrive at Nanhuizui Sea View Park. Have lunch in the Holiday Inn.

1pm Birding in Nanhui Dongtan. Only a small amount of walking is needed.

5pm End of the birding and drive back to the downtown area

6pm Arrive back at your hotel

Emergency contact: 0086-18177396801 (24/7 customer service)

Trip Notes

Customizing the Tour — According to Your Needs

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary, extend or shorten it to suit your schedule.

1. According to the tide of the day, an afternoon trip could be switched to the morning.

2. Based on the location of different hotels, we may start and end the itinerary slightly differently.

3. We recommend "Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Nanhuizui" (Holiday Inn Express), which is located near to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

4. The quotation includes use of the vehicle, bird guide fees, drinking water, a simple breakfast and lunch (breakfast is sandwiches and lunch is fried rice noodles), and tickets for the trip. If a transfer to Shanghai Pudong International Airport is needed, this is included at no additional charge.

5. We provide a telescope, but please take your own binoculars.

6. One day's insurance is inclusive.

7. A Shanghai birding folder is included for free (a Chinese version).

8. If no more than four people are in the group, we use the bird guide's vehicle. For more than four people, we use a rental van with a driver who is familiar with the road. The road conditions are very good.

Guiding Service

Your personal tour guide will accompany you throughout the tour, providing guidance and local knowledge. He/she will be ready and willing to help you solve any problems that may arise while on the tour.

Athena Liu has been birding for 14 years and has witnessed nearly 800 bird species in China. She lives in Shanghai and used to work in the nature reserve area. She specializes in shorebirds and is familiar with the birds around Shanghai. As well as providing a rich experience in birding guiding, she speaks Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Payment Methods

We now offer three payment methods: PayPal, credit card authorization via fax, and wire transfer. PayPal is recommended for its safety and efficiency. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay directly with your credit card or debit card using USA dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, or British pounds.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, we will refund any payment made to China Highlights (unless any cancellation fee is applicable) within 14 days of receipt of your written cancellation request. Visit here for more details.