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Tianjin Beidagang wetland birding

Beidagang wetlandBeidagang wetland

Beidagang Wetland, near Tianjin, is a shore eco-system. Most birds in the wetland congregrate in ‘Wanmu Fish Pool’ on the Duliujian River.

Beidagang is the halfway station for many migratory birds flying from East Asia to Australia and back. The wetland offers the birds food, water, and shelter. It is a very important habitat for shorebirds, swans, geese, storks, cranes, gulls, raptors, and even great bustards.

In the spring and autumn, there are sometimes more than a hundred thousand birds, most of them shorebirds and geese. The number of bird species counted in Beidagang stands at 229. Some of them are on the red list, like the Siberian crane, oriental white stork, great bustard, relic gull, and so on.

The Beidagang wetland is a fantastic place for the birds, and for birders.

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