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China Business Tours: Combine Business with Sightseeing

Want to make the most of your business trip in China? Are you wondering what to do in your spare time during your China business trip? Here we have provided you with some ideas for China business tours, hoping to give you some inspiration.

What Is the Plan for Your Business Trip in China?

Here, we have summed up some common reasons for business trips in China:

    the canton fairThe Canton Fair
  • To attend conferences or fairs. With the development of China, many international conferences and fairs have been held there. After attending a conference or fair, you may want to spend some time sightseeing. We can arrange a good tour for you when your business activity has finished.
  • To visit wholesale markets or factories. If you want to learn about Chinese markets or China's industry in your tour, we can arrange some sightseeing that’s related to this. We can take you to some Chinese factories to see how they operate, and you can visit a Chinese technology company, such as Da-Jiang Innovations, where you can fly the world's leading drone.
  • Or you may have other reasons. Just tell us and we will tailor-make a tour to suit you.

How to Make the Most of Your Business Trip in China for Sightseeing

To make your business trip less boring, you can add some sightseeing and interesting experiences to it. How can you do this? Read on to find out.

Sightseeing in Your Fragmented Time

the great wallWe can arrange a tour to the Great Wall in your spare time.

One day, half a day, or even a night can allow you to have some different experiences. If you have one day for sightseeing, you can basically learn about the city. Pick the primary activities, such as visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, going to the Bund and Yu Garden in Shanghai, or appreciating West Lake and Meijiawu Tea Plantation in Hangzhou. Go to the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning to learn about the development of Shenzhen.

If you have half a day, you can choose one attraction that interests you most. If you are busy with work in the daytime but don’t want to miss the chance to tour the city, then the nighttime should be made full use of. Chinese people enjoy the nightlife. There are many things to do in the evening in China.

For example, in Beijing, you can start a Night Snack Discovery Hutong Walking Tour where you can learn about Beijing with your taste buds. Get a taste of Beijingers’ nightlife when walking through the hutongs. If you are interested in culture, you can go to Liyuan Theater to watch a wonderful Beijing opera.

In Shanghai, go to the Bund to see the "World Architecture Expo" glittering under the lights and explore the stories behind the buildings. Pay a visit to West Lake and watch Impression West Lake in Hangzhou. Enjoy an evening cruise on the Pearl River to appreciate the lit-up buildings across the Guangzhou skyline.

Extend Your Stay

It is not easy to go to China as you may have a flight time that’s longer than 10 hours and you don't know if you'll ever have a chance to go to China again. So why not make full use of this chance to explore China — a charming country with an ancient history, urban wonders, and picturesque landscapes.

painting maskYou can learn more Chinese culture such as applying facial makeup for the Peking opera.

You can spend two or more days discovering the charm of the city you’re in with unique experiences. Each city in China has its own unique beauty. You can discover ancient China in Beijing by visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Ride a rickshaw in the hutongs, visit a local family, and learn Chinese calligraphy.

Discover the secrets of the golden age in the past and the modern future of Shanghai by visiting the Bund, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, and China's independent start-up industries.

Learn about the stories behind Jack Ma and Alibaba, and have a mobile payment experience as well as new retail experiences to discover the cutting-edge side of China in Hangzhou. Explore the story behind Shenzhen’s rise.

Book a Private Tour

Booking a private tour is the best choice to make the most of your business trip in China. We will make sure that you have an authentic and wonderful experience in your limited time with our professional services.

  • Professional tour planning: You don’t need to spend extra time on tour planning. You just need to tell our travel expert your schedule, interests, and requirements. Our travel expert will tailor-make a satisfying plan for you.
  • private carYou will be escorted by a private and comfortable vehicle.
  • Professional local guide: Our local guide knows the city well. He/she will lead you to explore the city in an authentic way and share some stories that few locals know.
  • Special experiences: We can arrange for you to visit local people and interact with them, which can help you understand Chinese people better. You can also have some interesting cultural experiences, such as learning how to cook Chinese dishes, papercutting, and tai chi.
  • Providing activities related with business: We can relate the sightseeing activities with some business topics, such as visiting factories, international fairs, showrooms, and wholesale markets.
  • Flexible arrangements: The tour will be at your own pace. If there is something that you would particularly like to do or spend more time on, let your travel advisor know. We provide an unlimited consultancy service for free!

Create a China Business Tour with Us

After finishing your work, it is time to relax. We will tailor-make a business tour for you — just tell us your interests and requirements in our Create My Trip service. Whether you're looking to do some sightseeing or for more business activities, we can arrange it for you.

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