Hainan Hiking
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Hainan Hiking

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Hiking in Hainan Overview

On Hainan Island, you can explore rain forests and hike up mountains. There are many hiking paths. There are three scenic spots that are very suitable for hiking. They are Wuzhi Mountain, Limushan Forest Park and Qixian Ridge Scenic Area.

Hiking Line

Wuzhi Mountain

You can start out from Sanya to get to Wuzhi Mountain. You can take the early bus that leaves at 7:00 in the morning from Sanya Bus Station and goes to Wuzhishan City. After a ride of about 2.5 hours, you can get to Wuzhishan City. Then you should take another one-hour bus trip to Shuiman Village. When you get to Shuiman Village, you can find a ride to the foot of Wuzhi Mountain. Along the north-east direction, there is a small path. Walk along this path for about three minutes, and you will come to a large space. In this space, there is a two-story house. Near the house is the forest, and there is another small path across the forest. Go straight along this path to a paved road. At the end of the paved road, there is a path to the mountain. Walk along the path, and you will get to the first peak and the second peak of Wuzhi Mountain. The round trip takes about four to six hours. The forests stretch all round the mountain. Hiking up and down the mountain takes a day, and you can stay a night in the hotel off the mountain.

Wuzhi Mountain is an adventurous area. Most people just hike to the first peak and the second peak of the mountain. The third, fourth and fifth peaks are the "dead zones". These peaks are too steep and dangerous for visitors to hike up. People exploring into the remote forest should make full preparation. Hikers should go with buddies to look out for each other.

Limushan Mountain

Leaving from the Haikou Station in the city of Haikou in the morning, you can take a regular bus that goes to Limushan Mountain Forest Park. After that, you can spend 8 RMB or 1.2 USD or more to get a ride to the forest administration facility. South of the forest administration facility, you can walk a 6 kilometer (3.7 mile) route to the Diaodengling Waterfall. The road to the waterfall goes downhill, and it is easy to walk along. It is a spectacular and long waterfall.

When you climb up Limushan Mountain, you should take food and drink because there is no restaurant in the mountain. When hiking in the mountain, you‘d better have a guide. Hiring a guide costs 100 RMB or 15.2 USD for a day. On the top of the mountain, there is the Limu Temple. After you hike down the mountain, you can stay in the Mengxian Hotel in the park for a night. One room costs 50 to 80 RMB or 7.6 USD to 12.1 USD.

Limushan Mountain is one of three mountains of Hainan. It was the territory of the Li ethnic people, and it is known as the holy place for Li people. It is famous for its waterfall. There are five large primitive forests on the mountain. If you want to explore the ancient forests to have some adventurous experiences, you need at least two days.

Qixian Ridge

After getting to Baoting County, you can get a ride to the Qixian Hotspring in the QiXian Ridge National Forest Park. There, you can have a good bath in the hot spring to relieve the fatigue after a day of hiking. After soaking in the water and lunch, you can think about taking a walk in the forest park. In the park, you can enjoy the rubber fields and coconut groves. You can also go for a walk to the Qixian Ridge. After getting back, you can have a bath in the spring again. The Shenna Creek is a stream that is the convergence of a cold brook and a hot brook. So it is known as a "Yuanyan Stream". You can bathe in this stream to feel both cold and hot at the same time.

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