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Yulong River Hiking in Yangshuo

  • Features: Hiking along Yulong River is one of the most popular hiking routes in Yangshuo. This route features picturesque countryside scenery and karst landscapes.
  • Total distance: 6 kilometers (4 miles)
  • Time needed: around 2 hours
Yulong Bridge on Yulong River Yulong Bridge on Yulong River

You can walk the full length of the river or choose a section to hike. The most popular hiking section is from Yulong Bridge (遇龙桥 Yulong Qiao /yoo-long chyaoww/ ‘Meet With Dragon Bridge’) to Gongnong Bridge (工农桥 Gongnong Qiao /gong-nong chyaoww/ ‘Workers and Peasants Bridge’). This section is also a very popular rafting tour.

Yulong Bridge is a famous old bridge on the Yulong River. The bridge was built in the Ming Dynasty over 600 years ago. It is a single-arched stone bridge, which is 36 meters (118 feet) long, 4.2 meters (14 feet) wide and 9 meters (30 feet) high. The bridge retains its original constitution.

Walking from Yulong Bridge and following the river, you will see another old bridge on the river: Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥 Xiangui Qiao /sshyen-gway chyaoww/). Xiangui Bridge has a history of about 1,000 years. The bridge body retains its original makeup. Proceed to Jiuxian, a small village with many old houses.

The Beautiful Scenery of Yulong River The Beautiful Scenery of Yulong River

Follow the path on the east bank (which leads to leads to Big Banyan Tree), walk through a few villages, and you will reach Xinglong Dock (兴隆码头 Xinglong Matou /sshing-long maa-toh/ ‘Flourishing Dock’). There are many restaurants near Xinglong Bridge. Xinglong Dock is a rafting dock close to the bridge. Walk further along the river bank, and you will reach Gongnong Bridge, the end of the hike.

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