How to Cook Boiled Prawns

Boiled Prawns

Boiled prawns are part of Cantonese cuisine. Guangzhou locals like to boil prawns in order to maintain a fresh, sweet, tender prawn flavor. They then peel the prawns and enjoy them with a dipping sauce.

Ingredients and Seasonings

Ingredients: 500g prawns

Seasonings: a piece of ginger, 5 cloves of garlic, 5 green onions, 30g light soy sauce, 20g corn starch, 2g salt, cooking oil

(The amount of the seasonings can be adjusted according to personal taste.)

Boiled Prawns


1. Clean the prawns.

2. Dice the ginger, garlic, and green onions into small pieces.

Boiled Prawns

3. Make a starchy sauce using the light soy sauce, corn starch, and salt.

4. Make the dipping sauce:

a) Add the ginger and garlic to an oiled wok at medium heat. Stir-fry them together to release the fragrance.

b) Add the starchy sauce and bring it to a boil.

c) Add the chopped green onions and stir to finish the dipping sauce.

Boiled Prawns

Cooking Instructions

1. Boil the water. Add the salt and light soy sauce.

2. Add the prawns and boil for about one minute. Drain.

3. The boiled prawns are now ready, so serve them on a plate and enjoy them with the dipping sauce.

Boiled Prawns

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