12 Chinese Zodiac Month 2 Fortune Prospect (Mar. 17 – Apr. 15, 2018, 2018)

In the year of Dog 2018, the second Chinese lunar month date is from Mar. 17 to Apr. 15. Read on to find your Chinese zodiac prospect for the second month in the year of Dog.

Rat — Opportunity

Month 2 is definitely an excellent opportunity for Rats to fall in love due to having good luck in their careers, wealth, and relationships.

In terms of health, Rats should do more exercises to combat laziness.

Bull — Luckier

Oxes may get extra benefits in work due to their enhanced financial luck in month 2, providing great impetus to their careers. This means they need not worry too much about their work.

In terms of relationships, female Oxes have more chances to fall in love than males.

Tiger — Lucky

Tigers should keep a low profile and get on with their colleagues at work in month 2. Financial luck smiles on them frequently.

Tigers are also troubled with emotional disputes this month.

They should pay more attention to their health and take more breaks during work.

Rabbit — Low

Financial luck for Rabbits is rather bad in month 2. They may lose all of their money due to making wrong decisions, especially in some capital-intensive industries. Therefore, they should think before leaping into anything.

Regarding love, Rabbits seldom have good opportunities in month 2. Therefore, they should focus on their work to avoid their imagination running away with them.

Dragon — Bad

As work pressure continues, Dragons have to devote themselves to their work and can barely spare time for their own relationships and health. It's also impossible for them to meet suitable partners due to the bad luck they encounter.

Snake — Limited

Their career luck improves a little in month 2, but it's still not a good time to develop their careers, so they should just focus on their normal work.

Their luck in money also improves a little, but it's almost impossible to increase their incomes substantially this month.

Horse — Eventful

Compared with the stable work status in month 1, month 2 is a more eventful time for Horses due to some changes taking place to their lifestyle.

Horses can hardly keep their stable state of minds due to having quick tempers, and they are likely to quarrel with their partners in month 2.

Goat — Steady

Month 2 is a stable time for Goats in their careers. They must take this golden opportunity to attain a higher goal so they don't worry much about their income in the future.

Female Goats have better luck in love than male Goats.

Monkey — Opportunity

Monkeys have lots of opportunities to make investments in some high ROI (Return on Investment) projects in month 2, and they will reap abundant rewards once they make the right decisions.

With an increase in their wealth, Monkeys can have a more stable career in the future.

Rooster — Unlucky

Month 2 is unlucky for Roosters. They often go on business trips and face many changes in their life. One problem after another troubles their lives, all of which are hard to solve in a short time.

Dog — Bittersweet

Dogs will make little progress in their careers due to lack of momentum in month 2, and it is the worst month for them career-wise.

With regard to luck in finances, they will make a lot of profit, due to adopting more prudent investment strategies.

Dogs will rebound abundantly both in health and relational fortune.

Pig — Lucky

Financial luck smiles on Pigs in month 2, and they can expect an increase in salary.

However, some bad changes take place in their workplace. They are not aggressive enough and have high aspirations but low abilities in work, resulting in a mediocre performance.

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