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Dreaming About Lions — Dream Meanings (Chinese Theory)

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Oct. 30, 2023

Dreaming about the lion, the king of the jungle, usually indicates good luck or conflict/challenges, maybe both, according to Chinese sages.

Also, a lion in a dream could mean that you subconsciously desire to be recognized and make everyone believe that you are a good manager or a good partner. However, when different people dream of a lion, their dreams have different meanings.

Take a look at our detailed interpretations of dreaming about lions according to Chinese dream theory, which may help you (or at least give you an oriental perspective).

Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory

'Zhou Duke Interprets Dreams' (周公解梦Zhou Gong Jie Meng) is the classic Chinese text that is the basis of most traditional Chinese dream interpretation theory. It's traditionally attributed to the Duke of Zhou (reign 1042–1035 BC), revered as the 'God of Dreams' and the 'First Sage'.

Meanings for Dreams about Different Types of Lions

Dreaming of a little lion means a new career and a new plan. If you can grasp it well, it will definitely bring you success.

Dreaming of a lion sitting quietly indicates that although your opponent is strong, he/she will not attack easily.

Meanings for Aggressive Lion Dreams

Dreaming of a lion hunting other animals indicates that you may suffer tyranny and servitude to another's domination.

Dreaming of a lion attacking wild elephants or other large animals means that you may be too self-assertive and prone to disputes with others. It is best to restrain yourself and get along with others as much as possible.

Dreaming of a lion eating a lion implies a certain lack of character in your personality, and also means that you or other people may be in danger, so beware.

Dreaming of a lion pouncing on your friend indicates that some kind of enduring conflict may begin, and you may face a period of unlucky days.

Meanings for Passive Lion Dreams

Dreaming of a lion and a lamb lying together indicates that contradictory situations and conflicts will have a chance to be reconciled.

Dreaming of a circus performer and atame lion means that your enemy is willing to reconcile with you.

Dreaming of a person controlling a lion indicates success in your career, or that you'll win the favor of a woman.

Meanings for Dreams about Lion Encounters

Dreaming of encountering a lion reminds you should to pay attention to your health, or that you have a very strong opponent.

Dreaming of a lion baring its teeth and roaring towards you means that you are pursuing more power, but you are unable to gain it.

Dreaming of fighting with a lion indicates that you will face challenges and opportunities in your career and will have great development and success eventually.

Dreaming of being overcome by a lion means that you will have no power to resist and are waiting for an enemy's attack.

Dreaming of riding a lion indicates that you will win both fame and fortune and that you've got courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties.

Meanings for Various People's Dreams about Lions

A married female dreaming about a lion means that she will give birth to a strong boy.

A single female dreaming about a lion means that she will marry a powerful and strong man.

A man dreaming of a lion shows that he has been working hard for a better tomorrow, and he also wants to realize his self-worth and show his abilities.

Business people dreaming of a lion are shown that an undertaking will be difficult at the beginning but will go smoothly in the future.

People in love dreaming of a lion have an indication that they can be frank and trust each other, and marriage can be enjoyed.

People in their birth year dreaming of a lion have an omen that the year is not going well. They must take the initiative to make things right.

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