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Dreaming About Spiders — Dream Meanings (Chinese Theory)

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Dec. 7, 2023

When we were kids our parents might have told us that spiders are poisonous, which is why some people are afraid of spiders, and even have nightmares about them. Actually, most spiders are not (dangerously) poisonous.

Spiders form webs, and this is something we often see in dreams. More often at night, spiders come out to weave their webs round and round to catch their prey. But what does it mean to dream of spiders or cobwebs? Is it good or bad? Next, let's take a look at Chinese dream theory!

Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory

'Zhou Duke Interprets Dreams' (周公解梦Zhou Gong Jie Meng) is the classic Chinese text that is the basis of most traditional Chinese dream interpretation theory. It's traditionally attributed to the Duke of Zhou (reign 1042–1035 BC), revered as the 'God of Dreams' and the 'First Sage'.

General Meanings of Dreams about Spiders

Spiders have many symbolic meanings according to Duke of Zhou Interprets Dreams. In real life, people have had a high opinion of spiders from ancient times. For example, a chandelier represents the intriguing and artistic sense of a cobweb.

Dreaming of spiders and dreaming of a mandala have similar meanings. A spider web shape is like a mandala (a universal central-hub-with-radiating-elements design in Hindu/Buddhist mysticism) taking care of you and protecting you. Indeed, the spider itself is a body with eight radiating legs. On the spiritual level, a spider in a dream represents the creator. She weaves destiny with her body; that is why she is the creator.

Dream Meanings for Colored Spiders in Dreams

Dreaming of black spiders indicates that you are energetic, serious, and cautious in your work. You will earn money without problems. In your work, it is more appropriate to start a new business after dreaming of a black spider. Maybe there is a good opportunity waiting for you.

Dreaming of white spiders indicates that your relationship with friends is declining. Your stubborn personality will cause bad consequences. You need to correct your flaws and you will have more friends.

Dreaming of red spiders symbolizes the decline of wealth. Avoid fights with family and friends.

Dreaming of a green spider indicates that you will make low-level mistakes. The more familiar the field, the easier it is to make mistakes by ignoring changes in the situation. Pay attention to proceeding with caution.

Dreaming of multicolored spiders indicates that as long as you handle multiple things sensibly, everything will be better.

Dream Meanings for Various Types of Spiders

Dreaming of small spiders, it is possible that in the coming day there will be a serious dispute with your lover and the cause will be something very sudden. At work or school, your boss/teacher may blame you for no reason.

Dreaming of large spiders, indicates that you have many opportunities and your wealth will increase rapidly.

Dreaming of tarantulas symbolizes a quiet day. You can establish a good interaction with others without thinking much. Your kind attitude is likely to be rewarded with the double enthusiasm of others. When it comes to romance, you may be hiding something from your lover, and your mind is becoming more sensitive to it: what your intuition tells you is often correct.

Dreaming of giant spiders means that now is a time when you need to think more about money to prepare for the future. It doesn't matter if you start with even a small amount of money. If you develop the habit of saving a little money every day, it will be a small fortune after a period.

Dreaming of many spiders indicates that family luck will improve and you will feel good about new things.

Dreaming of dead spiders is a good thing. It means that pain and difficulties are finally coming to an end, and good luck for you is coming.

Dream Meanings for Spiders in Various Contexts

Dreaming of scorpions and spiders indicates that there will be some conflicts between your desires and the reality, such as something that you do not want to do, but have to do, or a place that you do not want to go, but have to go. In the following day, you will be especially sensitive to criticism and your ideas are likely to be ignored. Put aside your arrogance and emotions for a while, so you can do more of what you should do.

Dreaming of spiders in the bed indicates that learning new things can bring luck. If you have something you want to learn, take advantage of these next two days!

Dreaming of black spiders on the body means that maybe you will encounter some difficulties, but do not worry too much: treat it as usual.

Meanings for Dreams of Spider Webs

Dreaming of cobwebs implies that success must be achieved through hard work. If single men or women dream of spiders forming webs, it can also indicate that their relationship with a person of the opposite sex around them will progress from mutual friends to lovers, and love will develop rapidly.

Dreaming of spiders and cobwebs symbolizes the most beautiful fortunes such as wealth, good health, and beautiful friendship.

Dreams of Biting Spiders and Killing Spiders

Dreaming of a spider bite means that, because the dishonest behavior of others makes you a victim, an enemy in business will bring you pain.

To dream that a spider bites you on the hand is an indication of anxiety and embarrassment. It also means that you come across a major roadblock or obstruction while doing something, and you hope to get help from the people around you.

Dreaming of spiders and killing them means that seriousness and perseverance are your strengths, but when dealing with interpersonal relationships, you must be flexible and accommodating!

To dream that a spider bites you and you kill it indicates that you may have opportunities to cooperate with others, and most of these chances are things that other people actively request of you. In such matters, you should discuss future work/study and benefit sharing with them in advance.

Luck and Fengshui for Those Dreaming about Spiders

  • Love rating: 91%
  • Wealth index: 71%
  • Health index: 78%
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Good luck color: black
  • Favorable orientation: east
  • Suitable activities: praying to earn wealth through investments and other activities, making a commitment
  • Taboos: install a door, burial

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