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By GavinUpdate Mar.05.2021

Chinese is not only a language, it is a culture. The Chinese people are very proud of their long heritage and you cannot expect that everyone you meet will speak English. This has little to do with insufficient education. Areas that have a large tourism industry will have many more English speakers, generally English is not widely spoken by average people. We designed this dictionary as a tool to assist you while you are in China.


The Chinese language is a tonal language of sound. Many words sound very similar but a slight tonal difference changes the meaning of the word.

Every word has a different Chinese character. In order to differentiate between these syllables it is important to know the right pronunciation. For this, Chinese has 4 different tones.

4 tones

  1. Tone:  steady                               Learning Chinese
  2. Tone:  rising                                  Learning Chinese
  3. Tone:  falling and rising        Learning Chinese
  4. Tone:  falling                                Learning Chinese

The most common example is the word "ma", which can have 5 different meaning, depending on the pronunciation.

Learning Chinese, dictionary                                       


We have prepared an extensive list of words and phrases that may be useful to you as a traveler in China.

By showing a Chinese person the Chinese Characters matching the English word, you will be able to communicate simple requests or have a short conversation.


Learning Chinese, dictionary

Important sayings

Learning ChineseChinese dictionary

Getting around

Learning ChineseLearning Chinese

Taking a Taxi

Learning Chinese

At the airport

Chinese dictionary

At train station

Chinese dictionary

At the restaurant

Chinese dictionaryChinese dictionaryChinese dictionaryChinese dictionary

At the hotel

Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionaryChinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionaryChinese dictionary

Addressing someone

Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionaryChinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary


Chinese dictionary

Communicating with hands

China is home to many different dialects. This makes it sometimes difficult even for Chinese people from different regions and provinces to understand each other.

Especially for bargaining, try out these gestures to indicate numbers from 1 to 10.

Chnese dictionary

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