Wrinkles in the Palm: Good or Bad?

Wrinkles in the Palm: Good or Bad?

By Ruby ZhaoUpdated Mar. 30, 2021

Does your palm determine your fate, or your fate determine your palm?!

Though palms are not non-changeable, most people’s palm lines change three times during their lives!

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Besides the mail palm lines (love line, marriage line, life line, etc.), there are many wrinkles on a palm (hand). Some wrinkles are considered to be good for life, while some are not. Below we have explained the main wrinkles.

6 Good Palm Wrinkles

With these wrinkles in hand, the person is blessed with fortune and intelligence

1) Thumb Contract Wrinkles and Eye Wrinkles

What are contract wrinkles (文约纹wenyuewen)? They are the line or lines on the first section of the thumb, well above the knuckle and just below the joint.

If a person has contract wrinkles, he/she usually was born in ordinary family, but is smart and intelligent. After working very hard in his/her early years, he/she has a big possibility of becoming rich or reputable.

If you have contract wrinkles on your thumbs, don’t start your own business too early: wait until you have some work experience.

Eye wrinkles (夫子眼 fuziyan ‘Master eyes’) are the creases on the inside of the joint between the first and the second sections of the thumb, under the thumbprint. They look like eyes and will bring good luck to your life if you have them.

2) Fish Wrinkles

When two lines cross on the hand and look like a fish, this is a fish wrinkle (鱼形纹 yuxingwen). It is a good sign no matter whether on the palm or fingers.

3) ‘Well’ Character Wrinkles

Where ‘well’ wrinkles are located with respect to the major palm lines determines their meanings.

When wrinkles resembling the Chinese character 井 (jing: meaning the noun ‘well’; like a hash symbol: #) are located between the love line and four fingers (the callouses area), a good career is indicated and probably leadership.

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‘Well’ wrinkles (井) between the love line and wisdom line (in the middle of the palm) mean the person will probably be a reputable entrepreneur.

When a 井 (jing) wrinkle is located in the ‘lunar dome’ (月丘 yueqiu; the heel of the hand or the area by the wrist below the little finger), the person’s children will be reputable or become successful.

When a single 井 (jing) is located in the ‘Jupiter dome’ (土星丘 tuxingqiu; the middle finger callous area), it indicates good luck and fortune. If there are several ‘well’ wrinkles together in the ‘Jupiter dome’ making a trapezoid, the person will probably be a senior government official.

When a 井 (jing) is located in the ‘Mercury dome’ (水星丘 shuixingqiu; the little finger callous area), it presages high prestige.

4) Fortune Wrinkles

Fortune lines are found in the thumb segment of the palm (inside the life line). More fortunes lines mean more wealth.

5) ‘Field’ Character Wrinkles

No matter whether a Chinese ‘field’ character shape (田 tian; a four-pane-window shape) is big or small, it is related to fortune and property.

6) ‘Female’ Character Wrinkles

Like other good wrinkles on the palm, wrinkles making a Chinese ‘female’ character (女 nü) shape mean good luck and fortune.

5 Bad Palm Wrinkles

1) Web Cluster Wrinkles

Many small crisscrossing wrinkles around the origin of the life line, wisdom line, and love line area (the thumb web area) indicate bad luck.

2) Cross Wrinkles 十字纹

Bad luck or illness is predicted come where there is a cross wrinkle (a + shape) on any of the five major palm lines.

Most of time cross wrinkles don’t mean anything good. However, if a + shape is in the center of the palm and doesn’t connect with any of the major lines, it indicates great talent.

3) Triangle Wrinkles

A triangle wrinkle means good things when seen in most palm areas. However, be careful if it is seen on the life line, love line, or fate line.

On the life line, a triangle wrinkle warns of serious illness before 50 years old or possibly trauma needing a big surgery.

On the love line, a triangle wrinkle usually relates to illness, accident, or unhappy love life.

On the fate line: It’s ideal if there is no other line (apart from the three major lines that it crosses) or wrinkle on the fate line. If you see triangle wrinkles on any part of your fate line, it usually means bad luck in the early years if at the beginning of the fate line (near the wrist), in middle age if in the middle of the fate line, or in old age if near the end of the fate line.

4) Major Line Split Wrinkles

It doesn’t matter if a major line splits towards the fingers (upwards). However, be careful of bad luck if a major line splits towards the wrist.

5) Wave Wrinkles

Wave wrinkles mean weakness or ill omens in palm reading. For example, if a wave wrinkles is seen on the life line, it usually means illness. If a wave wrinkle occurs on the love line, it usually means an unhappy love life.

Be Circumspect with Palm Reading

Fate is not determined, just indicated, but if you are determined you can change your fate. Keep in mind that palms and lives are changeable. Palm reading helps us see potential advantages and avoid disadvantages. Working hard, being patient, keeping on learning, and being responsible will always lead to better luck eventually.

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