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Muslims in China

Islam was introduced to China almost 1,400 years ago, and nowadays, China is home to a large Muslim population. Muslims live in every regions in China, with the highest concentration in Western China's Gansu, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Qinghai provinces. Of the 55 or so minority groups, about ten groups are classified as Muslim. The largest muslim groups are Hui and Uighurs. Read more on history of Islam in China.

Islamic Holidays

Like Muslims elsewhere, Muslims in China celebrate their own holidays. All these holidays take place according to the Islamic calendar. The common celebrations includeperformances and worshipping at local mosques. See below for the most popular Islamic holidays.

Halal Food

lanzhouHalal Food

Halal food is called Qing Zhen Cai /ching-jnn tseye/ (清真菜) in Chinese. It is the cuisine of the Hui and other Muslims in China. Halal food and Muslim restaurants can be found in cities and towns all over the country. Read more on Halal food in China

Mosques in China

the etigar mosqueId Kah Mosque

Mosques first appeared in China almost 1,400 years ago. Now there are over 20,000 mosques all over the country. Read more on mosques in China

Islamic Tours

Beijing Niujie Mosque Muslim Tour

badalingBadaling Great Wall

Make full use of your time in Beijing to explore the must-see highlights, the largest and oldest mosque in Beijing — Niujie Mosque, local markets and shops. Well-chosen Halal restaurants and Muslim hotels are included.

Beijing Badaling Great Wall Muslim Tour

The most famous tour sites in Beijing — the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace, combined with the best-known mosque — Niujie Mosque.

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