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Mosques in Lanzhou

Written by Candice SongUpdated Feb. 1, 2023

Lanzhou Xiguan Mosque 兰州西关清真寺

The Xiguan Mosque was first built in Wanli Period, Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). The existing constructions were rebuilt in 1990. It is a domical architecture of Arabic Islam style, solemn and forceful, which is one of the most grand masques in China. The temple covers an area of 467 square meters. The prayer hall is a building combining the Chinese classical and Arabic architectural style, which occupies an area of 141 square meters. The temple keeps 50 volume of lection. There are one imam, ten Manlas, three Xuedong in the temple.

The temple has trained a group of Muslim scholars. Every year, the temple will receive hundreds of foreign Muslim visitors to do prayer here.

Address: East of Lanzhou's Jiefangmen Square, Chengguan District, Lanzhou (兰州市城关区解放门广场东侧) (see Lanzhou maps)

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Lanzhou Nanguan Mosque 兰州南关清真寺

It was recorded that the Nanguan Mosque is one of the six most famous masques in Lanzhou. It was first built in the Hongwu Period (1368-1398) of Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). The temple, covering an area of 1,056 square meters, is located in the west and opposite to the west. The newly built prayer hall is a four-floor building of Arabic architectural style. The first floor is used as the teaching room, show hall and living room. The the second and the third floor are the prayer halls, which can hold thousands of people to do prayer. The fourth floor is the green onion dome with a 1.5 meters high crescent moon steel.

Address: 183 Jiuquan Road, Lanzhou, Gansu (甘肃省兰州市酒泉路183号) (see Lanzhou maps)

Lanzhou Lianhuachi Mosque  兰州莲花池清真寺

The Lianhuachi Mosque was first built in 1948 and was rebuilt in 1984. The newly built temple is a building combining Chinese and Arabic architectural style. The green roof and pointed tower are exquisite and imposing. The temple covers an area of 1,667 square meters and the main hall is 200 square meters. The Masque holds 150 Muslim household with a population of 600 people. All of the people are Hui nationalities and follow the Liumen gift.

Address: 43 West Street, West Lake, Lanzhou, Gansu (甘肃省兰州市西湖西街43号)

Lanzhou Nantan Mosque  兰州南滩清真寺

The Nantan Mosque is consisted by five parts, namely, west prayer hall, north Shuitang building, south kitchen, east gate and store house. The prayer hall is a two-floor building. The first floor is used as the teaching room and dorm room. The second floor is used to do prayer for Muslim peiple.

The temple skilfully combines the Arabic architectural style with the modern architecture. Though small in scale, it is unique in design. In recent years, more and more foreign Muslim people come here to do prayer.

Address: Huzhu Lane, Hui Community, Lanzhou (兰州市回民聚居区的互助巷) (see Lanzhou maps)

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