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Mosques in Luoyang

Luoyang Xinjie Mosque 洛阳新街清真寺

Luoyang Xinjie Mosque is the first masque in Luoyang. It was first built in the middle age of Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) and has a history for 400 years. The major constructions are the main halls, main gate, Juanpeng house, Yaozhi house, teaching room, bath house and other facilities. In order to meet the needs of women, a small female temple was built in the southern temple. Now the Masque holds 500 Muslim households with a population of 2,000 Hui people.

Address: New Street, Chanhe Hui Community, Luoyang, Henan (河南省洛阳市瀍河回族区新街)

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