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Mosques in Nanning

Nanning Mosque 南宁清真寺

The Nanning Mosque was first built in the 58th year (1607) of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) was rebuilt in the 9th year (1804) of Jiaqing, Qing Dynasty.

Now the temple is a three-floor building, which covers an area of 1,890 square meters. Its architectural design is Arabic church style with conical roof, and arch-style doors and windows. The first floor is used as food service store and water house. The meeting room, office room and dorm room are set up in the second floor. The third floor is the prayer hall, which is bright and clean. The hall can hold 100 people to do prayer. The reconstruction steles and other cultural relics are still preserved in the temple. In addition local Muslim people, Foreign Muslim people often come here to do prayer.

Address: 25 Xinhua Street, Nanning, Guangxi (广西南宁市新华路25号)

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