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Mosques in Ningbo

Ningbo Mosque 宁波清真寺

The Ningbo Mosque is the only Islamic Masque in Ningbo. It was first built in the Xianping Period (998-1003) , North Song Dynasty (960-1127) and was rebuilt and removed for many times. The existing site was removed in the 18th year of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911).

The temple, covering an area of more than 700 square meters, is located in the west and opposite to the east. The major constructions are the main gate, second gate, prayer hall, moon building, bath house, wing-room, screen wall and other facilities. The prayer hall is grand with three rooms in line. In the hall, there are many Arabic language decoration. The hall still keeps some Arabic language banners.

Address: 18 Houying Lane, Ningbo, Zhejiang (浙江省宁波市后营巷18号)

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