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Tips for Traveling in China During the Summer Vacation

summer holidaySummer holidays in China start in mid-July and end at the end of August.

The summer holiday (or summer vacation) in China usually starts in mid-July and ends at the end of August. This is the period within which students and teachers enjoy a break. Many families take their children traveling in this period. Many college students will also travel with their friends. This means it is a high travel season in China. How can you plan a China tour in China’s summer vacation period? Read on to find some helpful tips.

1. Visit the Main Attractions in a Different Way

Hot attractions, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, the Bund in Shanghai, and the Yellow Mountains in Huangshan, will be crowded with tourists. Visiting these attractions in a different way may be helpful.

the great wallThe Great Wall at Badaling will be crowded, so you'd better choose Jinshanling or Mutianyu.

Go to less-frequently visited sections. Every holiday, tourists from all over the country visit the Great Wall at Badaling. It is a really bad experience to be stuck in the crowd without seeing anything except for people. Less-frequently visited sections, such as Jinshanling to Simatai and Jiankou to Mutianyu, will save you from a sea of people.

Don’t take the popular traveling route. When touring the Forbidden City, don’t travel along the central axis first as this is the route that almost all tourists take. Turn to the right when you enter and visit the side palaces first, and then visit the central axis. Tell your guide your interests, and he/she will figure out the areas that will interest you the most and have fewer crowds.

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2. Choose Quieter Places

If you really don't like crowds, then we recommend you tour some quieter places. Usually, West China or China’s rural areas are relatively quiet.


fanjing mountainMount Fanjing

Guizhou is located in Southwest China and you can escape the crowds to visit remote minority villages. Many villages are in mountainous regions and are endowed with abundant forests, so the weather is not very hot in summer. You can also experience natural scenery and ethnic cultures there.

Visit Mount Fanjing, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018. It isn’t a trending place to visit now, so you can enjoy a quiet trip there. The cool weather and cloud-wrapped Mushroom Rock will not disappoint you. Learn how to make silverware and appreciate gorgeous ethnic costumes in a Miao village.

Yangtze Cruise

Taking a comfortable cruise that’s traveling slowly along the Yangtze River is a good way to get away from the crowds. Enjoy some undisturbed time when you’re on board. Appreciate the marvelous gorge scenery from the deck while you’re bathed in the breeze and having a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Have a wonderful welcome banquet and talk with people from all over the world. Take part in some lessons to learn about Chinese paintings and traditional Chinese medicine.


yamdrok lakeYamdrok Lake

Many people cannot go to Tibet because of the stress caused by the high altitude. So, if your physical condition permits, Tibet is a quiet place for you to explore. There are many sacred sites as well as beautiful natural scenery and a mystical Tibetan culture.

Take a stroll around Yamdrok Lake, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a lakeside picnic. Climb about 360 steps in the Potala Palace to feel its sacred atmosphere. Observe monks debating at Sera Monastery to learn about their monastery’s culture.

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3. Choose Unconventional Times to Visit

the great wallMake a night visit to the Great Wall at Simatai.

We know that visiting attractions in the early morning can be helpful to avoid crowds but it is not easy for many people to get up early. A new idea is to visit in the evening, which will help you avoid the crowds and heat of the daytime.

For example, take a night trip to the Great Wall at Simatai to see the stunning night view, go to the Great Wall at Jinshanling to see the beautiful sunset when there are no crowds around you, take a night tour to discover Xi’an, and pay a nighttime visit to see the cute pandas in Chengdu.

4. Plan a Flexible Schedule

The weather during China’s summer holiday is hot. Daily temperatures average 25–33°C (77–91°F). Don't try to cram too much into your tour days. A tight schedule in such hot weather will only exhaust you.

It is easy to get tired when traveling in hot weather, so leave enough time for relaxation. If the sightseeing in the morning makes you feel tired or it is too hot in the afternoon, you can even stay in your hotel's comfortable air-conditioned room and wait until the evening when it is cooler before you go sightseeing.

5. Book a Private Tour

We are local travel experts and serve 10,000 satisfied customers each year. We know more information about China tours than anyone else. We can help you avoid the crowds as much as possible. A comfortable air-conditioned vehicle and local guide will escort you.

We know when there are fewer people in scenic spots and which routes have fewer visitors. Our travel adviser will create a professional travel itinerary according to your needs and interests, handpicking the less crowded attractions and making flexible arrangements.

Your guide will prepare your tickets in advance so as to avoid possibly an hour’s wait, give you various options about what to see in each attraction, lead you through the attraction entrances, and choose the best tour route in each based on your interests and real-time crowds.

6. Travel by Airplane Rather Than by Train

The airports and train stations will be crowded during the summer holiday in China. Besides the number of travelers, the other reason is that many college students will head home or leave for school at almost the same time. For economic reasons, students usually choose to take train journeys. So, if you want to avoid big crowds, choose to travel by airplane.

7. Prepare in Advance

Airplane tickets, train tickets, attraction tickets, and hotels during the summer holiday in China will be in high demand. Many people book tickets and hotels online a month in advance. Therefore, you should prepare your tour in advance. Once you decide to start a trip, please contact our travel adviser to book your tickets and hotels in advance.

8. Be Prepared for the Crowds

There will be many tourists when traveling during the summer holiday in China but that is part of the charm. Consider it to be one of the authentic experiences during your trip.

It will be less crowded in June or early July as most schools start their vacation period in the middle of July.

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