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5 Top Places for China Factory Tours in Shanghai

“Made in China” is one of the most recognized labels in the world. The rapid development of China and its vast industrial manufacturing system may make you curious about China’s factories. China factory tours offer an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and explore a real factory in China to see how it operates.

Here, we have listed five renowned industrial companies in Shanghai that provide you with a chance to explore their factories.

1. Shanghai Volkswagen — Learn about the Chinese Automobile Industry

SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture corporation. It was the first Sino-foreign joint venture automobile manufacturer after China’s reform and opening-up policy. It is the largest production base of modern cars in China.

You can visit its factory to get a closer look at the process of how a car is produced on the assembly line. Understand the history and enterprise culture of the company by viewing the company’s introduction film, and visit the product exhibition hall and assembly workshop.

You will have a better understanding about the development of China’s automotive industry as well as its modern and advanced management, technology, and science after the tour.

  • Time needed: 1 hour
  • Open: 9am–4pm (except weekends and public holidays)

2. Shanghai BYD — Feel the Technological Charm of Green Energy

After starting out in 1995 as a maker of rechargeable batteries, BYD built its first self-owned brand of automobile in 2005. BYD has a good performance in the field of batteries, electronics, and automobiles, especially in the field of electric vehicles. BYD has the world's leading-edge technology and car battery production platform.

The factory tour at BYD is mainly conducted around its information technology, automobile technology, and new energy technology. There, you can watch the company’s introduction film and visit its industry exhibition hall, lithium battery production line, and solar rooftop photovoltaic power station. You can also learn about the generation, storage, and use of new energy sources, and experience a test ride in a BYD SUV.

  • Time needed: 1½ hours
  • Open: 8:30am–4pm (except weekends and public holidays)

3. Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel — Explore the Competitiveness of Chinese Steel Enterprises

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is the largest and most modern steel conglomerate in China. It is one of the most competitive steel companies in the international market. Its annual production capacity is about 20 million tons. While becoming the main steel supplier in the Chinese market, its products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Europe, and America.

You can visit the all-weather wharf, the blast furnace (the starting point for steel smelting), and the hot rolling workshop to learn about the manufacturing process of steel.

  • Time needed: 1½ hours
  • Open: 9am–3pm (except weekends and public holidays)

4. Yakult Factory in Shanghai — Learn about the Factory of Foreign Enterprise in China

Yakult's Shanghai factory is the 35th Yakult factory in the world, with an area of 46,000 square meters and a construction area of 6,800 square meters. The current capacity is 1.75 million bottles per day.

You can watch Yakult’s modern production process and quality management system, and taste its products. In addition, the factory also has interactive activities including lectures on the human digestive system and an interesting quiz.

  • Time needed: 1 hour
  • Open: 10am–3pm (except Sundays and public holidays)

5. Shanghai Totole Food Co., Ltd. — Discover the Process of Seasoning

Shanghai Totole Food Co., Ltd. is a famous food manufacturing company specializing in producing seasoning products, including chicken powder, monosodium glutamate, and soybean sauce.

You can go to the Umami Museum and Umami Science Museum to see the products and learn about the food security analysis. Watch the production line to learn about how the seasoning products are produced, sterilized, and packed, and watch a video to learn about the history of the company. You can taste all kinds of seasoning products produced by this company.

  • Time needed: 1½ hours
  • Open: 9am–4pm (except weekends and public holidays)

Things to Know for China Factory Tours

1. Many travel agencies will take you to so-called factories, which are actually shopping places (tourist traps). We are different from those agencies. We take you to a real factory where you can actually learn how China’s factories operate and what they are like. It is not a simulated factory with actors and actresses in a retail showroom.

2. None of the above factory tours are available for individuals. Usually, a group of at least 10 people is required to conduct the tour. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough people — just contact us and we will help you find a suitable group to join and arrange an English-speaking guide for you.

Create an Authentic China Factory Tour with Us

fly a droneFlying a drone with us

Paying a visit to a factory is a great way to learn about China. In the China factory tour, you will really learn about China’s development and the tour will satisfy your curiosity about China’s factories. Just tell us your interests and needs, and we will tailor-make an authentic China factory tour for you.

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